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Demi Lovato: “I Love Hollywood”

Teen idol Demi Lovato expressed her love to Hollywood yesterday on twitter, expecially for the people. Who is she talking about? New BFF Miley Cyrus and her brother and Demi´s current boyfriend Trace Cyrus?



Demi´s ex lover Alex Deleon talked about Trace on his twitter! Jealous?





Disney Channel Stars On Set!

There are so many cute moments on twitter. Miley and Demi shared a few from the music video shoot for the “Sent It On”. The whole Disney family will be in it. It´s for the campaign “Friends For Change”. We start with a NILEY moment. I can´t believe it but read Miley´s tweet:




And to end up this beautyful “Temi” moment. Here is what Trace posted from Japan:


Temi In Love

News from our new unusual couple Temi aka Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus´brother Trace Cyrus. They tweeted:




Okay, first I thought this would be the most STUPID rumor in the world. But it seems to be true. What I am talking about? Demi Lovato and Trace Cyrus are DATING! The rocker and the disney girl. Look at their conversation on twitter:

Demi: Watching a scary movie without you…. just not the same! ❤ Trace: @ddlovato seein the eiffel tower w/ U would complete my trip 2 europe<3. Just checked out the trailer!MUST C it 2gether as soon as its out! Demi: @TraceCyrus You are! Were gonna see the Eiffel tower remember? 😛 …. P.S. did you see the trailer for new moon?! We have GOT to see it!!!! Trace: who am i to tell that girl no? when this world is so cold, why should i be? Demi:  So tired… Stayed up till 5 talking on the phone…. I blame the person on the other end of the line…. Hahaha ❤ Trace: @ddlovato haha its 3:30 in japan & im still awake. but i blame you! cause i cant get U off my mind! im forcing myself to sleep NOW! night ❤ Demi: @tracecyrus What?! Go to bed!!! Hahaha. I can’t believe you’re still awake…but I know the feeling 😀 ❤

Can u believe this?