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Meet Heroes

A fan statements on the AIDS event “A Time For Heroes”.

From Amanda: “When we met Selena Gomez we told her we were jealous because she’s dating Taylor Lautner, she said ‘Oh sweetie, I’m not dating him. Don’t be jealous.’ So then we said, ‘Are you sure about that?’ and she said ‘Yeah, positive.’ Emily Osment said she dates Oliver all through Season 3, in Season 4 the Stewarts move houses! Shenae Grimes got mad when my friend accidentally called her Shania! Miley was amazing and really nice when we saw her walking backstage! We told David Henrie that we thought that all of the people getting angry over his clubbing pictures were stupid, and he thanked us for ‘having his back.”


Mitchel Musso: “I Am”

Mitchel Musso on “I Am”. He talked about music, being a brother, being indipendent and Mitchel Musso 😉

Mitchel Musso feat. Miley Cyrus: “Welcome To Hollywood”

Like Miley tweeted, she was a the free concert of best friend and costar Mitchel Musso on friday. Miley and Mitchel performed together at “The Grove” in LA.

From Bonnie: “There were so many celebrities at the concert. First, KSM opened, then prizes given out & after Mitchel started singing! Me and my friend spotted Chelsea Staub, Sterling Knight & other cast members from Sonny With A Chance. The HIGHLIGHT was meeting PAPA JONAS and MAYA KIBBEL. Papa Jonas was standing behind the stage & we called him over & he was SO KIND and came to take a picture with us.HE is SO SWEET! On the other side was MAYA & she seemed like a regular girl, down to earth. It was a great concert. To top it all off, MILEY CYRUS flew in from Arkansas at the end to sing a duet with her best friend Mitchel!”

Miley tweeted: stoked to rock out with @mitchelmusso 🙂 i got stuck at a business meeting but i will not miss my little punks concert! r u there? crazy day. just left the wrap party for hannah montana season 3 😦 sad for the ending and stoked for a new beginning! 4th season here i come


Too bad that Mitchel was singing play back 😦

Mitchel Musso: “People” Interview

Mitchel Musso got a tattoo at age 16: The pain was beyond annoying, but Musso has no regrets about getting a tattoo. “It says ‘Sam M Unsurpassed,’ (On his shoulder blade) ‘Sam [is] my dad, and ‘unsurpassed’ means he can’t be beat.”

On breaking bones: “I’ve broken my collarbone, my leg, my arm, a couple fingers. Growing up my heart was after skateboarding, (but) I broke a couple bones while shooting Hannah Montana and they did not like me for it. So I quit.”

On a rapper duet: “I’m such a little punk thug. I love Cash Money Millionaires, Lil Wayne, Birdman. Eminem and Dr. Dre have been on set with their kids. Both of them were down to earth, thuggish, but cool.  Little Haley (Eminem’s daughter) was chillin’ in my room the whole show. She’s so sweet. She didn’t talk that much though. I think she was kind of freaked out because I had a poster from 8 Mile on my wall.”

Miley Cyrus posted a few pictures from the last “Hannah Montana” shooting day for Season 3:


if you haven’t gotten mitchels record yet – do it! 🙂 walk away is the best song ever! i am coming @mitchelmussos free concert at the grove! are you comin??? maybe he will let me sing with him!


The real life brennon and dale…. Stepbrothers.


Here’s to a great season! I love you @emilyosment and @mitchelmusso


Mitchel Musso: “TV Guide” Interview

Mitchel Musso in “TV Guide”:

Why are you switching to recurring status next season on Hannah Montana? “In the last episode of Season 3, Oliver leaves on a six-month tour, so I might miss the first couple weeks of [Season 4]. But other than that, you’ll see me. And I’ll be back with a lot more music. So yes, I’m taking a little time off to work on my music, but I have a bunch of new acting gigs coming up, too. I can’t talk about them just yet, but keep your ears open.”

Which album song most to you? ” ‘Us Against the World’, which is a duet with me and Katelyn Tarver. It might be the edgiest song on the record, but that’s where my head is at in music. It’s a very MGMT sound, involving rock and dance and electro and hip-hop all in one. It’s a Romeo and Juliet story about nobody wanting you to be together, but it’s worth it to try. It’s a great message with a great sound. It’s my sound. My second album, that’s what it’s all going to be about.”

Are the girlfriend songs about anyone in particular? “Well, yeah. I think it’s cool to write about certain people in your life and what’s real and what’s going on. But in my main single, ‘Hey,’ the chorus is, ‘Hey, I’m screaming at you/I don’t care enough to write you a letter/Now that I’m doing better alone’, basically, ‘I’m better off without you, no matter what,’ and I would never say that to a girl. So that’s just a song. Sometimes I feel like I’m taking on a role when I’m writing a song, and it doesn’t always have to be true. I’m not sitting in my room crying with my guitar, writing a slow solo about a depressing breakup; that’s not me. My songs are about girls, partying and being yourself.”

Miley Cyrus posted a picture of her and Mitchel yesterday:


@MitchelMusso’s Album dropped TODAY!!! Whoop whoo! Go check it out! On iTunes right now! 🙂

The Disney Fight by Michael Buckley

Buck from “WHATTHEBUCKSHOW” talked about Disney on his show.

“Hannah Montana” Season 4 Confirmed!

Disney Channel has ordered a fourth season of Miley Cyrus’ hit show “Hannah Montana”, according to “ET”. Production on the show’s current season is wrapping this week and shooting will resume early next year. Miley said:

“The producers have proposed a change of setting for Season Four that will provide the catalyst for wonderful new characters and further expand the storytelling opportunities.”


Mitchel featuring Mason Musso

The duet of the brothers Mitchel and Mason Musso. It´s called “From Above” or “You Are The Light”.

Mitchel Musso: “Disney 365”

Mitchel Musso was featured at “Disney 365”:

Hannah Montana: Miley and Jake Comeback?

Here´s an exclusive sneak peak of a new “Hannah Montana” episode, were Cody Linley aka Jake Ryan will have a guest role. The episode airs Sunday 7:30/6:30c on “Disney Channel”.

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