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New Moon: Behind the scenes !

There’s a clip from behind the scenes of New Moon, at Jacob’s house. be sure you’ll watch it cause it’s pretty interesting !! watch it here:

Kristen Stewart: Emo-Girlie ?!


Kristen Stewart gasing up her car. But what’s that ? her hair is black & she wears emo-like make-up . . . Is she becoming an emo ? No she’s not(okay the make-up is emo like :D) but her hair is for her role as Joan Jett in her upcoming movie ‘The Runaways. But another little thing I’ve recognized: In the last few days she always had a hitch in her tees. A new style ?

Kristen Stewart: Own Song ??


Kristen stewart at a vocal studio, LA. What is she doing there ? are we going to get a song of hers ? an album ?? I can’t wait to get more information !

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewar: “Yes, They Are In Love”

Robert Pattinson has an unrequited passion for Kristen Stewart, who has been dating actor Michael Angarano for five years. A friend of Kristen’s told “OK!”:

“Robert and Kristen spent a lot of time alone together when they filmed the first Twilight movie, they’d stay up most of the night talking, laughing, playing music. Although Robert knew Kristen had a boyfriend, he made no secret of the fact that he was crazy about her. Kristen and Robert hit it off the minute they were introduced. When they auditioned together for the first time (back in 2007) sparks flew. The problem is, she’s torn between her onscreen and off-screen loves. A lot of guys would not be as understanding as Michael has been. But one thing Michael is not quite as understanding of is all the gossip about her and Pattinson.”


Kristen Stewart: Multi Tasking

Kristen Stewart was carrying her cigarettes, cellphone and key in one hand as she arrived at a studio in Los Angeles – fresh out of the shower:



Kristen Stewart Keeps It Casual

“New Moon” beauty Kristen Stewart arrived at an LA studio yesterday. She keeps it casual with the jeans/t-shirt look.



Robert Pattinson: Oh it’s Cedric, no it’s edward


Like ya see above, Robert is on the cover of the Brazilian Magazine Capricho. On the fact that he “likes” Kristen stewart he said that he wouldn’t’ve got Edwards part if Kristen wouldn’t’ve been. & He says, she’s amazing ( as we didn’t know that he thinks that :D):‘I felt something different the day we’ve met’. He also talked about his fans & that he often doesn’t know how to deal their screaming, etc  ‘In Italy, last year, I started crying while they were screaming for me. Kristen was the first one who noticed it. She was like ‘Are you crying?’.And guess what ? he thought he wasn’t the right guy for Edward, okay we all know that eh got thousands of hate-mails when he got that part. ‘I never thought I’d be the perfect guy, the most handsome one in the world’.

He & Kristen will also e in an upcoming issue of Interview Magazine. Robert said: ‘It’s funny because teenage girls would say, ‘Oh, my God, you’re Cedric!’ It switched in a week to ‘Oh, my God, it’s Edward!’ Allegiances change so freely in the teen-girl world.’

MTV Movie Awards 2009: Winner

The “MTV Movie Awards 2009″were in Universal City yesterday.


Zac Efon: Best Musical Performance

Miley Cyrus: Best Song In A Movie

Robert Pattinson: Breakthrough Performance Male

Robert Pattinson and Cam Gigandet: Best Fight

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart: Best Kiss

Kristen Stewart: Best Female Performance

Twilight: Best Movie

MTV Movie Awards 2009: Red Carped

The “MTV Movie Awards 2009″were in Universal City yesterday.

Red carped:








The First “New Moon” Seconds

A 14-second “New Moon” trailer preview. The full one will air at MTV Movie Awards this Sunday.

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