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Jonas Brothers: Press Conference + Niley

Nick Jonas chatted to “TWIST” in Dallas about his “Before The Storm” duet with Miley Cyrus:

“There’s two versions of the song basically, one that was written just for our record that we sang originally. Then I played it for Miley and we realized that if we just changed the lyrics a bit, we could make it more of our story, kind of share that side of us, and it could be great. So, we did. She came in and she and I sat down at the piano and worked on lyrics a bit, tweaked it up, and it turned out great!”

The song is one of the most personal tracks off the boys next album, Lines, Vines and Trying Times. The conference:

“Mustin” FINALLY Over!

Miley Cyrus has ended her nine-month relationship with underwear model Just Gastin, according to “E! News”. Miley called things off last week as she prepared to leave Los Angeles for two months to shoot The Last Song in Savannah, Georgia. A source close to the couple said that both of them are really heartbroken over the split. However, word is distance may not have been the only thing to come between the two. Miley’s relationship with Nick Jonas ‘exacerbated the rift. “She obviously has been hanging out with Nick again a lot and Justin was cool with it at first, as long as it was just a cool friendly thing. She didn’t cheat, but I guess Nick was trying to get her back the whole time.”

On Sunday, Miley wrote on her Twitter account. “I’m in a dark theater ‘writing’ a song with nick j who is rockin a faded eggplant shirt! :)” Miley has also dropped her agents at United Talent Agency and is now rep’d by CAA.


Jonas Brothers: New Song Performance

The Jonas Brothers performed two of their new song from the album “Lines, Vines and Trying Times” on the “WalMart” soundcheck yesterday.

“Poison Ivy”:

“Turn Right”:

Jonas Brothers: Parody Victims

Eminem makes reference to the Jonas Brothers when rapping for The Alchemist’s new song “Chemical Warfare”. Explaining it’s title, the rapper/producer said: “[It] is the type of war that isn’t fought with sticks and bats type of sh–, where people start dropping.”

“XXLMag” previewed the song in which Eminem mentions Oprah Winfrey, Whoopi Goldberg, Octomom and Jonas Brothers. Chemical Warfare finds the rapper delivering some of his most shocking lines. Along with ‘playing **** swords with the Jonas Brothers.’ Chemical Warfare 2 hits stores on July 7.

Miley Cyrus: Favorite Momory

She had to – Miley Cyrus talked about the Jonas Brothers on the red carped of the AIDS event on sunday. What is her favorite memory from back when she was 14? Of corse the tour with JB! Weird, in the past few days there was a lot of niley-ess in the air.

Jonas Brothers: World Tour Rehearsel

The Jonas Brothers are futured in the “Rolling Stone” with exclusive pictures of rehearsing for their World Tour.




Miley Cyrus and Nick Jonas: WHAT Is Going On?



Okay, to put everything together because it´s a little confusing. Nick and Miley recorded a duet about their relationship, the duet is also Nick´s most personal and favorite song on the album. Miley is tweeting about something no one understands and they hugged on saturday at the music video shoot. Miley changed the lyrics of the  hate song for Nick!!! Are they back together, aren´t they? It´s obvious that there IS something! Oh and I almost fogot, what´s going on with Justin?


“JONAS” Fan Van

Here is the new “JONAS” Fan Van, which aired on Disney Channel. Featuring songs “Black Keys”, “Fly With Me” and “Turn Right”.

Jonas Brothers: “Fly With Me”

Here is the full music video of the Jonas Brothers’ new song “Fly With Me”, also featured in the movie “A Night In The Museum 2”:

Jonas Brothers’ new music video for “Fly With Me” off the upcoming album Lines, Vines and Trying Times in stores June 16th!

Miley Cyrus: “Thinking About My Life”

Miley Cyrus seems to be confused. She hung out with the “Disney” cast and remembered her love to Nick Jonas (older post) and now she don´t know what to do. Justin Gaston, (ex)boyfriend, seems pissed:





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