Miley Cyrus: She’s got a nose-piercing


she’s got it, she’s got it. Miley’s got a nose-piercing ! And hey, it looks awesome !


  1. dina8547 Said:

    i hope that it is fake! She is still too young for nose piercing , any kind of piercing expepect the ears, and tatoos!

    • princess Said:

      okayy imm 17 year old and i have two tattoos and a nose ringg…theres nothing wrong with itt like at all

      • ..X...Babey..X.. Said:

        she isnt too young, :L my friend has it and shes 13.

    • Emma Said:

      OMG whats wrong with you? Shes 18, which is most defently oold enough to make her own choices. I think it looks cute, and dits not too big or trashy! I think its totally Miley! as I always say, shes a teen, leave her alone

  2. dina Said:

    I just realised miley said the her nose piecing is only temp!

    • cheryl Said:

      i totally agree she would never wear it like forever

  3. nicky Said:

    omg! u ppl are so dump, u can totally see that that’s a fake nose ring

  4. cheryl Said:

    i cant believe that shes supposed to be a roll model! 😦

    • vanessa Said:

      omg ur are soo ridiculous.. there is nothing wrong with a nose rind. tattoos certain places..yes thts a problem. and piercings certain places ..yes. but not the nose and ears….theres nothing wrong at all

    • BOWMAN Said:

      HI …………… LOL

    • Anonymous Said:

      SHELBY HI …………… LOL

  5. Kiki Said:

    Oh wow that piercing is so cool

  6. Vannessa Said:

    y does every1 make such a big deal jus cuz she got 2 piercings lately…jus cuz she’s famous? seriously shes a normal person too heck if i go get my nose or belly button pierced rite now i bet no1 but some of my friends would care (not the whole world with it on google, youtube, etc.) it jus gets on my nerves 🙂

    • vanessa Said:

      i completely agree

  7. Stacie Said:

    i think her nose ring looks awesome!! 🙂

  8. Anonymous Said:

    wow nice ….her nose is pierced ……..

    • Anonymous Said:

      shelby …….HI

    • Anonymous Said:

      HI ……LOL

  9. mysteriousbabe* Said:

    my godd you guys!
    who cares! it looks good now doesn’t it?
    and i know pple who are like 12 who have ’em, doesnt look good on them but wat ever

  10. Quul Said:

    Hahaha, this is retarded. She’s 16, not 11. A nose piercing is simply a decoration, it doesn’t imply anything sexual. She probably just wanted to add a little edge to her look, so she chose a nose piercing. It has nothing to do with being a role model, it all depends on how others see her…and I don’t see her as a role model, just an entertainer like anyone else. People shouldn’t put so much emphasis on these celebrities, especially one so young.

  11. Not for nothing but she’s 18, isn’t she? How is that too young..?

    • Anonymous Said:

      SHELBY 16 …………… LOL MILEY LOL HI

  12. Anonymous Said:

    SHELBY HI …………… LOL

  13. Rum Said:

    Little did we know back then… Of the gloomy clouds of the future… This whole post is like a graveyard of long lost and forgotten hopes & evaporated sighs of hope & wilted roses of the innocent shocks of our early years…

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