Kristen Stewart: Emo-Girlie ?!


Kristen Stewart gasing up her car. But what’s that ? her hair is black & she wears emo-like make-up . . . Is she becoming an emo ? No she’s not(okay the make-up is emo like :D) but her hair is for her role as Joan Jett in her upcoming movie ‘The Runaways. But another little thing I’ve recognized: In the last few days she always had a hitch in her tees. A new style ?


  1. Coco Said:

    Bellaaaa..De verdad te qda muy bn!!^^ existos!1..Venezuela

  2. bella Said:

    te ves horenda si cambiate el loook

  3. emma Said:

    well, i think she is plain ugly anyway…. who likes Taylor lautner though? does anyone like him more than Robert Ugly Pattinson?!

    • mysteriousbabe* Said:

      umm whoa! way to be negative!
      im pretty sure your not a freakin beauty princess yourself okay, but you don’t gotta be an ASS! i dont care for them eaither, cuz its just another person but wat ever, keep your rude comments to yourself

      and for that matter i like taylor thank you verymuch 🙂

      • Alexa Said:

        I agree with that 1

    • Alexa Said:


  4. 123 Said:

    first of all kristen stewart is and forever an emo… Black hair, Black shirt is not emo at all.. but the fuckin’ nails are the messed up shit that would mess up her role as Joan Jett. Because Joan Jett is A PUNK NOT AND EMO.
    She has no similarities as Joan Jett.

    • Alexa Said:

      She needs a cousler on fashion and someone one to teach her how to dress

      • Alexa Said:

        I mean counsler

    • ABC Said:

      Messed up mind you are.Kristen is being herself for world’s sake.UR NICKNAME SHOULD BE”MISS NEGATIVE”

  5. kmila Said:

    l kea
    bn ec stilo pro
    naaaa k verr
    si es emo
    kaga pem¡¡ (NN) :S

  6. CeeCee Said:

    Kristen has never been an emo. If you have any sense of observational skills or intelligence, you would know the difference between emo and punk. Kristen is completely punk and did and incredible job as Joan Jett. At least she has passion and works very hard. She is an incredibly beautiful person with alot of talent. You are just obviously intimidated by her. So get over yourself and keep your pathetic, worthless comments to yourself because no one wants to hear it from any of you jealous, spiteful internet dwellers. Why look her up to say stuff like that? Because there will always be people her to defend her honour!

  7. maiara-emo Said:

    eu ajo lindo emo.
    ate pq eu sou , er uma coisa q a pessoa esta de bem com a vida

  8. valerie Said:

    shiit this fucking paparattziz are killing her .God!

  9. Maria Said:

    Yall need to STFU!!!!!!! cause im kristen #1 fan and yall negas just hating on her!!!!! Kristen if ur reading dis dont listen to them they are stupid jerks lookn for a show 😀

  10. EmoSmurfLuv Said:

    She has the hair for joan jette. But yeah so what she has the makeup or she was dressing like it? If she isnt emo who cares? If she is:Its HER life! Let her do what she wants. I think she’s an epic actress. And if you guys disagree, go ahead im not stopping you. And just to let you know she is emo but not emo. She has the makeup and sometimes dress like it. And no she doesnt cut her self and crap. That is just stereotype. Speaking of which, to you stereotype people no offense not being rude but NOT all emos cut themselves. Its a subgenre in rock called punkrock or emo. If you think all emo people abuse themselves, that is stereotype. Im emo and i dont. Anyhow shes yes and no to emo. PEACE!

  11. EmoVanity Said:

    I agree with emsmurfluv. So? Who cares if she is emo or not? Its HER life! Let her do what she wants. Her hair IS for joan jett thats true. She is an epic actress is my humble opinion. Whoever disagrees: whatever! And yes its stereotype for ALL emo’s cutting themselves. Kristen doesnt. To people who thinks people wanna be emo’s are considered posers: Go fuck yourself. If people wanna be emo doesnt mean they’re posers. Get your damn facts straight! Piercings black clothes spikes and razor blades are shit for stereotype. Kristen is emoish in her style. To you judgemental people:noone cares if you disagree. Kristen is my role model!

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