Miley Cyrus: No “Last Song” Co Actors?

The first open casting call for Miley Cyrus’ new movie “The Last Song” was held in Savannah, GA yesterday. Thousands were expected to show up to audition but less than 10 attended, according “WTOC”. An acting hopeful said: “It’s a Miley Cyrus movie, I think that would be pretty funny if I was in it. So I figured I would come out and try.”

Casting director Jackie Burch: “That is what the open call is for, to make sure we don’t miss anybody because we put signs up at the SCAD dorms and different colleges and didn’t get much of a response.” Burch has been casting major motion pictures for more than 25 years starting with the Breakfast Club the 80s. Only nine guys showed up for the casting call requiring 18 to 20-year-old males who can both Hacky Sack and juggle: “I’m not surprised because I’ve done a lot of open calls and this is so specific.”

Sounds not like an exploding reaction! I would do it 🙂

Adam Shankman tweeted a picture of Miley Cyrus at the “The Last Song” hair and makeup test.







  1. lindsay Said:

    they are so cute together

  2. Anonymous Said:

    the guy in those shirtless pictures isn’t liam hemsworth. it’s charlie hunnam. do your research better next time.

  3. Anonymous Said:

    Wow, sorry. Didn’t mean to be mean about that. 🙂 The picture does come up when you google image both guys, but it’s definitely Charlie Hunnam. That picture was floating around long before Liam Hemsworth was famous. But either way, they are both soooo hot!

  4. Anonymous Said:

    i love u miley:)

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