Mitchel Musso feat. Miley Cyrus: “Welcome To Hollywood”

Like Miley tweeted, she was a the free concert of best friend and costar Mitchel Musso on friday. Miley and Mitchel performed together at “The Grove” in LA.

From Bonnie: “There were so many celebrities at the concert. First, KSM opened, then prizes given out & after Mitchel started singing! Me and my friend spotted Chelsea Staub, Sterling Knight & other cast members from Sonny With A Chance. The HIGHLIGHT was meeting PAPA JONAS and MAYA KIBBEL. Papa Jonas was standing behind the stage & we called him over & he was SO KIND and came to take a picture with us.HE is SO SWEET! On the other side was MAYA & she seemed like a regular girl, down to earth. It was a great concert. To top it all off, MILEY CYRUS flew in from Arkansas at the end to sing a duet with her best friend Mitchel!”

Miley tweeted: stoked to rock out with @mitchelmusso 🙂 i got stuck at a business meeting but i will not miss my little punks concert! r u there? crazy day. just left the wrap party for hannah montana season 3 😦 sad for the ending and stoked for a new beginning! 4th season here i come


Too bad that Mitchel was singing play back 😦


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