Selena Gomez: “MySpace” Hacker

Selena Gomez’s “MySpace” site was hacked yesterday, she didn’t lose a friend.

The fake blog:

Another honest blog from the emo kid haha. Today I lost a friend, I was so hurt to come to find out that one of my dear friends chose a girlfriend over a friend. The funny thing to me is, I always support my friends, and their decisions of whom they love. Or any decision at that. I am not one to judge. So I was not quite sure why I had to be ‘Out of the picture’ but that is their choice. I took my frustration and of course had to write about it. I wrote a song titled ‘Wudy’ a few months back but re-wrote it tonight explaining the pain I no longer feel. See I used to let people run all over me because I felt too scared or felt others would be disappointed in me. I believe in forgiveness but NOT in forgetting. This person actually once told me to ‘stand up for myself more’ when it came to things like this, so now I will take those words of wisdom and put it to music. I hope she and him will enjoy this song for it will be dedicated to them. Had to share that with you guys! Getting more and more pumped about the record! Hope you are too!

God Bless, Selena.

The real blog:

Sunday June 7, This Sunday I will be turning my Saynow phone on Live so when you call it rings and I can answer. Since I have been back in LA. I have been working a bunch on my album and it has me so excited to get it out there. I want you guys to call in with any questions about the upcoming album and I will taking as many phone calls as I can. I hope to hear from you. 214-306-9590 Sunday 5pm California time



Some people think the hacker is “Wizards Of Waverly Place” co-star David Henrie because Selena used to call him “Wudy” and he tweeted:

my mood matches the weather.



  1. ana paula Said:

    hello my name´s ana
    sos my favourite actris

  2. emijah Said:

    Please. Don,t. Move. To. India. Move. To. Valdosta

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