Mitchel Musso: “People” Interview

Mitchel Musso got a tattoo at age 16: The pain was beyond annoying, but Musso has no regrets about getting a tattoo. “It says ‘Sam M Unsurpassed,’ (On his shoulder blade) ‘Sam [is] my dad, and ‘unsurpassed’ means he can’t be beat.”

On breaking bones: “I’ve broken my collarbone, my leg, my arm, a couple fingers. Growing up my heart was after skateboarding, (but) I broke a couple bones while shooting Hannah Montana and they did not like me for it. So I quit.”

On a rapper duet: “I’m such a little punk thug. I love Cash Money Millionaires, Lil Wayne, Birdman. Eminem and Dr. Dre have been on set with their kids. Both of them were down to earth, thuggish, but cool.Ā  Little Haley (Eminem’s daughter) was chillin’ in my room the whole show. She’s so sweet. She didn’t talk that much though. I think she was kind of freaked out because I had a poster from 8 Mile on my wall.”

Miley Cyrus posted a few pictures from the last “Hannah Montana” shooting day for Season 3:


if you haven’t gotten mitchels record yet – do it! šŸ™‚ walk away is the best song ever! i am coming @mitchelmussos free concert at the grove! are you comin??? maybe he will let me sing with him!


The real life brennon and dale…. Stepbrothers.


Here’s to a great season! I love you @emilyosment and @mitchelmusso




  1. miley Said:

    am super cool !

  2. miley cyrus Said:

    wij zijn de coolste

  3. Anonymous Said:

    I love Mitchel Musso!!! He is OSSUM<3

  4. Elizabeth16 Said:

    This is great!! i love you all. you guys r soooooo amazing! šŸ™‚

  5. Mercedes Cambria Said:

    I Love you all, you all rock. DOnt ever change.

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