Demi Lovato: “Here We Go Again” Cover

Demi Lovato is so happy about her new CD “Here We Go Again”. She uses the official cover for the CD as a twitter album:


Isn´t it SO beautiful? Demi also tweeted:

This business is so corrupt with a bunch of puppets being told what to do. I’m gonna be me. Love me or hate me, I don’t care. 🙂 Headache to the max.. I think it has to do with eating candy and drinking so much coffee today… Hahaha . Anyone want to see the album cover for “Here We Go Again”….? 😀 See I would tease you guys for a little while to build the suspension….. but I gotta work in a few hours. Hahaha…. reeeeady? If you guys can tell me what day my new album coming out I’ll post it…… 😀 WOW! Hahahaha…. you guys remembered! I love you guys… Here ya go! Wow.. You guys are the best.. I’m not kidding. Thank you so much for all of the sweet comments… I love you all! 😀 One more time! Haha… SPREAD THE WORD! HERE WE GO AGAIN IN STORES JULY 21st!!!!

Demi told Billboard: “I think ‘Don’t Forget’ was a lot more Jonas sounding. It had a little more of their feel on it. But this album is just me.”

Demi co-write one of the new songs “Can’t Stop the World” with Nick Jonas. Other collaborators include John Mayer on “World of Chances” and “Shut Up and Love Me” plus Jon McLaughlin William Beckett, who teamed with Demi on “For the Love of a Daughter”, which is about her relationship with her father after her parents’ 1994 divorce.



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  1. DemiSurprise Said:

    what is her twitter???
    follow me on “DemiSurpise”
    (im her big fan)

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