Okay, first I thought this would be the most STUPID rumor in the world. But it seems to be true. What I am talking about? Demi Lovato and Trace Cyrus are DATING! The rocker and the disney girl. Look at their conversation on twitter:

Demi: Watching a scary movie without you…. just not the same! ❤ Trace: @ddlovato seein the eiffel tower w/ U would complete my trip 2 europe<3. Just checked out the trailer!MUST C it 2gether as soon as its out! Demi: @TraceCyrus You are! Were gonna see the Eiffel tower remember? 😛 …. P.S. did you see the trailer for new moon?! We have GOT to see it!!!! Trace: who am i to tell that girl no? when this world is so cold, why should i be? Demi:  So tired… Stayed up till 5 talking on the phone…. I blame the person on the other end of the line…. Hahaha ❤ Trace: @ddlovato haha its 3:30 in japan & im still awake. but i blame you! cause i cant get U off my mind! im forcing myself to sleep NOW! night ❤ Demi: @tracecyrus What?! Go to bed!!! Hahaha. I can’t believe you’re still awake…but I know the feeling 😀 ❤

Can u believe this?




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