New “Mustin” Break-Up Rumors

There are they again – the “Mustin” break up rumors. Why? Miley wrote a song:

“my heart is in two… and its all because of you.” a song i am starting to write 🙂

Is it just another rumor or real this time? Other tweets:

1 more day of Hannah Montana Season 3!!! then off to the last song and then your whoop whoo!!! 🙂 i meant tour not your. oopppsss whoop whoo City of angels? PSH. This town doesn’t lie to me, the people living here do. Maybe I’ll find a friend in Georgia. Sweet Savannah. last day of season three




  1. dina Said:

    i really wish this one is real! That is a very good rumer! Also she is not dating this gregg guy that is just I rumer! Jsut beacuse an insider or source say it is true,it does not make it true! I reallt hope the rummer about miley and justin is true. even though she is single and not dating him!

  2. dina Said:

    I mean them not hangoing out anymore!

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