Jonas Brothers: Wiffle Ball

The Jonas Brothers were playing wiffle ball outside the American Airlines center on June 1.

Nick’s team won.. Kevin came out for a while and we saw him, if you’re wondering where he is… I guess he didn’t want to play. JT also came out, but didn’t play. Ashlee Nino was there as well. For everyone who thinks that Joe, Nick and Kevin are rude to fans, they’re not. The entire two hours they were outside, Nick and Joe were hitting balls up toward the fans after signing them and they were signing other things for the fans. They waved and talked to us, and it was a lot of fun. After, Kevin came out and took pictures/signed things for fans, so they were really nice. :]

Texas: “They were very nice and involved us in their wiffle game. Nick really is very competitive. At one point, he got frustrated with Joe’s pitching and threw down his bat and was telling him where to throw the ball. It was funny. Once the game was finished Joe signed autographs for basically everyone! I think he kind of got suckered into it. Oh well! Kevin was only outside for not even 5 minutes. He grabbed John Taylor near the beginning of the game and took him inside.”

JB will also have another live chat on tomorrow!

Tune in Thursday June 4th 5PM PDT to for their 3rd LIVE webcast where they will be answering your questions! Expect more surprises including a live performance of a new song! You can also catch a repeat of last week’s webcast starting at 4 PM PDT. Don’t forget to RSVP on their Facebook Fan Page.


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