“Sonny With A Chance” Season 2

“Disney Channel” has ordered a second season of “Sonny With A Chance”, TV’s #1 program for kids 6-11 and #1 scripted program for Tweens 9-14. The series, which premiered in February, stars Demi Lovato, Tiffany Thornton, Sterling Knight, Brandon Mychal Smith, Doug Brochu and Allisyn Ashley Arm. President Gary Marsh announced:

” “Sonny” was a hit right out of the gate, thanks in no small part to the stratospheric trajectory of our newest star, Demi Lovato. She and the entire talented cast, along with our gifted writing and producing teams, have turned “Sonny With A Chance” into “destination television” for kids everywhere. We thrilled with the direction this first season has taken, and look forward to tapping further into its comedic potential, adding music and more, in Season Two.”




  1. talia levin Said:

    this is one of my favorite shows and im 18 years old….. iv always wished to see how the shows work behind the scenes but i dont live in california so i cant…. u guys are awsome love ya

  2. Kayla Said:

    I am in love with Sonny with a Chance. After Falling for the Falls im in love with Demi and Sterling together. Sterling is so adorable!! Do not end this show ever please!!

  3. kendra myles Said:

    i love sonny with a chance i watch it every day when it comes on iam watch it right now can u belive it i like all the chatcter onthere i wish i can be on thre iam a great actor and her and chade is great to geather love u sonny with a chance

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