Selena Gomez: Last Girls Night

Selena Gomez spend the last girls night with co-star Joey King in Vancouver yesterday. Selena tweeted: Just spent 1 hour crying with Joey…. My last day of shooting is tomorrow. We decided to have one more girls night in the hotel. Joey King is my favorite person in the entire world. I will miss her so much. Thank you Canada for a blessed adventure. I miss the show… I can’t wait to get back to Alex. I’ve missed her sarcasm and perfectly dysfunctional family. Truly wonderful.




  1. Anonymous Said:

    ugh a girl kissing in the mouth with your sister ugh

  2. Anonymous Said:

    do you guys be together the whole time even in the bathroom and take a shower together do you guys

  3. Anonymous Said:

    omg i never realized that she was the cute gurl in that episoe of suite life of zack an cody….i didnt even recognize her with her brown hair. she is adorable! and your very pretty too. an very lucky to be so sucessful at such a young age(well your about 4 years older than me bu still).

  4. .. Said:

    selena is hot

  5. irene Said:

    selena te quieroooooo eres la mejorrrrr

  6. Anonymous Said:

    aw! you guys are soo cute! joey is a very lucky girl to be famous at her age i agree, but im still trying to get there (im 11)
    I wish i were you joey

  7. Jojo Said:

    Joey King is just 11 Years old. Its funny, that they both are BFFs. I think, that Joey and Selena are very different.

  8. qwerty Said:

    ohh… they are so sweet to each other.. they are so awesome…

    they are so cute…and funny ….

    i wish that someday. i’ll meet joey king and selena gomez..

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