Joe Jonas Hot In Brazil

Here are some pictures of Joe Jonas in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

From Tami Aline: “Joe cried when he saw 45.000 in front of h. It was perfect!” From Colomba: “Ferdando Verdasco confirmed to Pronto magazine that Camilla is dating someone (most likely Joe).”

Fernando said: “Some magazines are inventing things and that bothers me. During the last couple of moths I’ve been paired with girls with whom I had no romantic relationship with. I have always confirmed when I had girlfriends. I have not hidden my real relationships. But, when they see me with a friend (who is a girl), they directly say that I have a girlfriend, like what happened with Camilla Belle or with Bosniaki, the tennis player. The first one has a boyfriend. And about the second one, we trained together two weeks in Las Vegas, nothing else.”





  1. Anonymous Said:

    Wooww hee iss Sooo hoot

  2. beautiful Said:

    i love joe jonas!!!!!!

    jonas brothers forever!!!!1

  3. melania Said:

    joe si tropp frisck ma roe pigliat purt nick

  4. camille belle Said:

    love you nick jonas joe

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