Taylena BREAKUP!?

Selena Gomez and Taylor Lautner, called Taylena, have ended their love affair, according to “LaineyGossip”:

Taylor left Vancouver last Friday. Before leaving, the two were supposed to hang out, spend time together, watch DVDs, cuddle, whatever. Taylor stood her up. Didn’t bother texting, didn’t bother coming through on their plans. They’ve barely communicated since. Taylor was supposedly strongly encouraged by his father and Summit not to be seen with a girlfriend, especially as his star is on the rise. They want him to focus on career, on the work, and on letting every little girl make believe she could be The One. He wasn’t happy, but he listened. Both Selena and Taylor will be at the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday.




  1. Anonymous Said:

    i dont know what to believe

  2. cameelia Said:

    The One? THE ONE?????????? what am i, a piece of meat?!?!?!?!!?!? BULLSHIT MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is SO stupid. it’s stupider than Paris Hilton and her bitch, and that’s hard to achieve.
    fuck career.
    fuck every little girl making believe she could be the one.

    FUCK SUMMIT ENTERTAINMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • mysterious babe Said:

      i am soo with you therr
      so wat he ditched the girl it probly didn’t even happen
      gossip is not always true
      and if he did the better for us 🙂

      • vickey-kay Said:

        sorry but thts a bunch of crap better 4 us really thts stupid i mean hate 2 rec ppls dreams cuz i luv him 2 but face it evn if u did meet him whats the chance hes gunna want 2 date some1 he doesnt no nd no offence 2 his dad but thts way douchey of him 2 tell his kid not 2 date some1 i mean y not want his kid 2 b happy nd if ppl really liked him y wudnt u WANT him 2 b happy

  3. Anonymous Said:

    fuck that

    • i luv taylor Said:

      fuck that? u!!!

  4. alex Said:

    I love taylena they are sooooooooooo cute who care about taylors dad taylors dad likes taylor swith but not selena gomez what the heck with that taylors dad is just a hater

  5. me. Said:

    you are all messed in the head ok..
    first of all, i think it was very veeery smart of summit and whoever told tay not to have a girlfriend because they are right.

    Fans arent going to be as attached to him(as FANS) if he has someone as much as they would be if he didnt.
    its just depressing when an amazing

    • hannah Said:

      i totally agree with u.

      it is his life soo wat’s the point dissin him. i was a fan totally in love with him but peeps say hes already goin out which put me off. now he might beeee freee, peeps ‘ll luv him (especially girls) coz he can goo with anyone he wants and we arn’t jelous!

  6. me. Said:

    guy like taylor, whos at the height of his popularity, already has a gf

  7. hannah Said:

    taylor should do wat he wants!! it’s his life so the peeps who r dissin him, bugger off!! it’s not ur life so let the guy av sum space!!!

    I love taylor!!!!!!!!!!

  8. vickey-kay Said:

    this is all stupid does it really matter just bck off i mean i luv him 2 but its his life nd he shud do what he wants nd it shudnt care what his dad thinks if he wanted to date some1 he shud choose 4 himself nd not let any1 influence him.

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