Jonas Brothers: J.O.N.A.S. Moves

The comedy series of the Jonas Brothers, called J.O.N.A.S., moves from Saturdays to Sundays, according to “NYDN”:

“Just weeks into its run with the new show JONAS, Disney Channel has moved original episodes from Saturday to Sunday. The show, while doing okay in the Nielsens against super-tough Nickelodeon fare on Saturdays, hasn’t set the ratings on fire nor even come close to matching the excitement the Jonas Brothers have gained before. Until late last week, Disney had JONAS scheduled for Saturday, but viewers instead found the film ‘Cars.’ A Disney spokeswoman said the network usually airs a summer schedule from Memorial weekend through August, and the JONAS move was part of that plan. Starting this weekend, films will fill Saturdays, and comedy series Fridays and Sunday: ‘In addition to its Sunday airing, JONAS will be seen in other time slots throughout the summer to provide viewers an opportunity to sample the series.”




  1. Anonymous Said:

    i like my jonas brothers.

  2. cadence Said:

    I have been a jonas brothers fan since their first single “mandy.” I love them with all my heart and what I saw today on Youtube BROUGHT ME TO TEARS! I never cried so hard in my life. Its this video called Pray For Jonas. I watched it because I thought they were going to be nice to the Jonas Brothers, but it was the complete opposite. They beat up this poor young man who had a jonas brothers poster and then they made him BURN IT! It was so sad. Please we have to stop this, we have to make youtube take it down. THIS IS HORRIBLE! Here is a link, if you watch it you will understand how horrible this is and together we can stop it!

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