Demi Lovato: “Here We Go” ALSO New Single

Demi Lovato posted a few really interesting things on her twitter. She had a photoshoot with “Popstar!” yesterday:


Popstar photoshoot today 🙂 They let me give you this sneak peek… Enjoy.

About her new album and single:

Listening to the final mixes of the new record….. my favorite song on the album is definitely “Shut Up and Love Me” right now. So….. should I tell you guys my single and my release date? I just found out a few hours ago….. 😛 I feel like I should build the suspense for a while……… Yepp. Gonna build the suspense…………….Okay….. ready? I think this has been long enough……. 🙂 Soon I will be shooting a music video for my single “Here We Go Again” from my new record which will be released JULY 21ST!!!!!!!!!! YAYYY! Woke up at 5 this morning…. ahhhh….. I wonder if I’ll sleep on the plane tonight.. In hair and make up, shooting a music video today!


Maddie and Bella…… My babies. 🙂

“Popstar!” tweeted:

We are having a photo shoot with Demi Lovato RIGHT NOW! She looks gorge! She’s rocking her bright pink lipstick – LOVES IT! Demi told us to tell everyone that she’s looking for a boyfriend!! Who do YOU think Demi should date???


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