Kristen Stwart, Dakota Fanning & Ashley Greene: It’s lunchtime baby !


Ashley Greene, Kristen Stwart & Dakota Fanning had Lunch in the little Italian Town Montepulciano. They (what includes Dakota – she’s 15!) dran vino & smoked cigarettes and Kristen even showed her middle finger to the paparazzi (see on the pic below)




  1. Grace Said:

    She has a right to her privacey! Leave the girl alone! This is why everyone hates the popatratzi!

  2. Regiane Said:

    também não precisa ser mal criada kristen!que feio uma menina tão bonita fazendo mal criações.kkkkk

  3. juliana Said:

    hahahahaha kristen
    es q es verdad q fastidio los paparazzi :S

  4. nadia Said:

    hate them so much!

  5. Lais Said:

    nossa como ela é simpatica!!! o.o

  6. Ashley-Marie Said:

    Wow like that’s funni . She’s threw da bird-finger at the paparzzi !! LoL hahahahaha .

  7. ashley greene's biggest fan Said:

    AS SAID IN ECLIPSE BY IMMET(KELLAN LUTZ) BAD ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Anonymous Said:

    i love her anyway and anyhow

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