Jennette McCurdy: “Right as Rain” by Adele

Jennette McCurdy from “iCarly” uploaded a new video on her youtube channel where she´s singing “Right as Rain” by Adele:

Hey guys!

I love this song, so I figured I’d sing it for you a cappella while my producer, Ty, was working on some of the songs I’ve been recording lately.

I hope you enjoy!

Thanks for watching!




  1. cheryl Said:

    i had know idea you could sing that was great!!! 🙂

  2. caitlin hillhouse Said:

    tht was amazing i wish i could sing like tht although pepolesay i can nearly sing as good as you xx love you jannette

  3. Clanesha Said:

    Im pretty sure u get alot of mail. I just wanted to say you sing very pretty. I love adele and have her cd too. And you’re F’n hilarous on iCarly. Funniet person on the show. Me and my girlfriend record and watch them together. I got her hooked to and she tells ppl at work the things u do. Everyone says were too old to like it. (Im 21) but its like super bad comedy. Just plain funny. But we love u hope u keep that goofiness and making us laugh. Good luck with your cd and any other shows your blessed to be apart of. . .

  4. melissa Said:

    i love adele! she rocks!u sang so awsomeish! i wish i could sing that good. i love u!

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