Justin Gaston: Famewhore!

“Men’s Style” wrote an article about Justin Gaston, called “The Trouble with Dating Miley Cyrus”:

“Justin, unlike Miley, who was booking acting gigs at 10, has arrived in the world of celebrity with little time for preparation. After a modeling agent discovered him three years ago, the devout Christian from Pineville Louisiana, spent three miserable months in New York before heading to LA to transform himself into the next John Mayer. His shaggy good looks landed him a spot on Nashville Star, on which he discovered an ally in host Billy Ray Cyrus, himself a churchgoer with former pro-ball aspirations, who summoned Justin for frequent powwows in his tour bus. When Gaston was booted after three episodes, Cyrus’ on-air farewell was lavish: “This guy’s gonna be a big, big movie star. I’m calling it right now! Tom Cruise, look out!” Ruby Cantu, a Nashville Star producer who lived with the contestants, said: ‘I kinda saw it coming just with the way Billy Ray was with him.’ Billy Ray ushered Gaston onto the Hannah Montana set. ‘It’s like if you had a 16-year-old daughter who said, ‘Oh, Daddy, he’s so cute, I want to meet him.’ That’s exactly what happened.”



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  1. I loveeeeeee youuuuuuuuuu Justin you your gate

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