Justin Gaston is Miley Cyrus´ Cellphone Background!

Miley Cyrus keeps it comfy in a white tee and gray sweat pants as she arrives and leaves an early morning pilates class on Monday in Toluca Lake, Californien. She flashed her cell phone to paparazzi, revealing a photo that appeared to be Justin Gaston in a white tank top. She seems to like him very much…




The 16-year-old “Hannah Montana” hottie will heading off to Georgia soon to shoot her new flick “The Last Song”. Aussie actor Liam Hemsworth has been cast as Miley’s love interest in the movie.

Also: A new paparazzi video of Miley, Emily Osment and boyfriend Justin Gaston getting some Japanise foot after church on sunday:

Miley tweeted: “shes not who she says she is. dont you know that? they are all a bunch of fakes – welcome to hollywood”

Her younger brother Braison was breaking stuff in a house.




  1. Dianne Said:

    Is there more information on the picture of miley Cyrus’ brother because all it says that he breaks a lot of things in the house?

    • Ann Said:

      I dont know. I was wondering that too.

  2. Anonymous Said:


  3. ««º*¤°(¯`·.º-:¦:-º.·´¯)°¤*º»» [miu'K]*¤°(¯`·.º-:¦:-º.·´¯)°¤* [c]-[En] ««º*¤°(¯`·.º-:¦:-º.·´¯)°¤*º»» Said:

    Braison is ugly!

  4. Anonymous Said:

    Miley is pretty than Braison! I think so!

    • Edwina Said:

      hello she is Miley is my fan have you Miley number phone or house phone i like Miley she is so beautiful girl i love all here music meanly party in the USA from the first time i say yoh here is my -mail if you want to sent me doequnitte@yahoo.com.

  5. >"" Said:


  6. zum zum Said:

    No problem!

  7. bellah Said:

    …well brase is cutee, wen he was prolly a CHID! but idk if he is stil tho! xD!

  8. jasmine ziemba Said:


  9. jasmine ziemba Said:

    do you want to be my bff.

  10. amber Said:

    braison is so cute i fancy him alot xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  11. Amy Croydon Said:

    omg i love mileuy and i am like one of her biggest fans whooo miley xxxxx love you lotsxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  12. laura Said:

    braison cyrus is so hot i wish i could be his girlfriend

  13. carmelita Said:

    braison is cute i want to be his girlfriend 🙂

    • Edwina Said:

      hello he will be Miley girlfriend he do not like you here is my e-mail doequnitte@yahoo.com see you there soon as possible oh goodbye.

  14. kate Said:

    he is so cute i want to date him

  15. Anonymous Said:


  16. kelsey Said:

    braixon cyrus is soooooooooooooo fuckin hot i want to be his girlfriend and fuckin so hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Edwina Said:

      hi you can not fuck he.

  17. hannah marie l. borja Said:

    your so losers

  18. woooowwwwwwwww!!!!! they didnt show her brother breaking stuff!!!!!! lol

  19. bobbie-lee Said:

    HEY MILEY YOUis see sex i love yuo go bobbie-lee

  20. Grace Said:

    You guys need to learn English!! most of u don’t make any sense! he is fugly! i feel bad that some chicks are that desperate.. and people say they wanna date him; newsflash but hes not gunna date u! lol but good luck anyways! 🙂

  21. lucy Said:

    hi miley

    i sooooooooooo love you i really want to meet you but i dont no how and have you got a phone if you have can i have your number and i really love your music and have you got a iphone or the blackberry?? and your brother he is ugly lol

    loveyou miley
    lucy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:)

  22. Miley tweeted Said:

    Yeah thanx! guys
    i d0 have a phone but i cant give u all my number and most of the
    time i have to change it due to the paparazzi finding out…

    always miley B-)

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