Jonas Brothers: Crazy Brazil Concert

From Naty: “During Lovebug, in São Paulo, Joe Jonas jumped into the crowd! Right in front of me, I totally lost control of myself and the camera ;)’ Joe soaks girls, Paranoid clip & Demi performs Get Back [Down on her knees!] under.”

From Francesca: “I just spotted Camilla Belle with Joe at Augusto Copacabana hotel. I only saw the two of them. I think the family went back to US without him.”

From Eloisa: “I’m in Brazil on vacation and staying at the Augusto Copacabana and I just saw Camilla Belle and Joe Jonas by the pool together! I thought that they had gone back home because John Taylor tweeted that he was in Dallas, but i guess Joe stayed behind with Camilla and is going to fly back with her.”

The Jonas Brothers in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. Rio = 18,500, Sao paulo – 45,000 concertgoers. From Annalisa:

“I spotted Demi Lovato spotted walking to the van holding hands with Kevin’s girlfriend Danielle. They were laughing and joking and seem to be good friends. Joe had his camera which he was taking pictures of fans, but gave the camera to Demi while he was signing autographs, she was already in the car.”





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  3. Mrs.joejonas Said:

    I freakin hate camilla bell…. She looks like a freakin dude!! ahhhhh

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