Taylor Swift: Lucas Till at her concert – again

 From Erika: All in all, it was certainly the best concert I have ever been to. My sister was sitting right behind the VIP section, and apparently Lucas Till, Jennette McCurdy and Grace from the Secret Life of the American Teenager were all in attendance

From Jury: John Mayer came out on stage and performed two songs with Taylor. First they sang ‘Your Body Is A Wonderland’ as a duet followed by ‘White Horse’. Also, she came out at the end in a customized Lakers jersey with her lucky number 13 on it, and SWIFT printed across the back. Lucas arrived just before the show. He sat with Taylor’s family behind the soundboards that were located behind the floor seats. Of course, everyone freaked. There was a point in the show where Tay set up a mini-stage right next to the soundboard, and he watched, in a lovingly way. I won’t say they’re dating, but he seems to have a close connection with Taylor and her family. For the record, BEST CONCERT I HAVE EVER BEEN TO. ❤

From Katherine & Naomi: Lucas and Jennette sat right in front of us
in the VIP section. I had a brief conversation with her ice skating. Lucas watched Taylor on the small platform stage they set up for Hey Stephen and 15. Kelly Pickler was also seated there and she was wearing a bright pink shirt

Seems like Taylor & Lucas are getting REALLY close. awww. even if they’re not dating they’re just so cute together . I can’t help myself wishing they were dating. Lucas is the perfect guy for Taylor!!



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