Another “Twitter Cyrus”

Miley Cyrus´ brother and lead singer of the alternative band “Metro Station” has twitter now. I´m speaking from the one and only Trace Cyrus. Follow him at Miley promoted his channel on her twitter page:

i swear everyones copying metrostation these days!!! grr. ps trace has on some awesome chanel glasses that im totally gonna steal from him! having dinner wiff @tracecyrus!!!! 🙂 ive missed my brudder! thank you everyone for starting to follow my big brudder @tracecyrus hes gonna start tweeting tonight!!! 🙂


This is my big brother @tracecyrus. I know what your thinking. See the first thing that comes to your mind is “wow, he’s got a lot of tattoos” the first thing that comes to my mind is how much I love him. Every piece of art on his body means something special and about 95 percent is dedicated to his family. i love my big brudder. he is beautiful and unique. 🙂 i love u sooo much!!!! xoxox


Noah crying about @tracecyrus leaving for his FOB tour. 😦 that’s the brudder WE know and love!!!

Miley is recently at church with Jordan and Justin Gaston: church with @justinmgaston and @jordanyup we´ll post the paparazzi pictures when they are out!



  1. dina Said:

    she was not talking about joden priutt! That is a difrent jorden! I am floowing thus jorden person in twitter! I check her last name starts with an m, I think!

  2. dina Said:

    i mean folowing this jorden person, she is not famous!

  3. girl you dont know Said:

    miley is so stupid nobody is stealing anything from her brother band and i dont think anyone wants to for that matter

    • Anonymous Said:

      dude TRACE IS SO SMEXY!!!!ID MARRY HIM!!!!lol

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