Sprouse Twins: Miranda’s Bday-Party talk

Dylan & cole talked to Popstar! about miranda’s Sweet 16 Party:

What is your birthday wish for Miranda? Dylan: That she gets an amazing car made of steel, kind of like James Bond, but it has machine guns and anything she might need to stop a zombie invasion. Cole: That she just has fun with the Iron Man suit I got her.

What does Miranda have to look forward to? Cole: Driving, of course. Just ultimate freedom, just being able to go wherever and do whatever, as long as your parents tell you. Ha! Go Disney! Got the Disney portion in. Dylan: By the way, a seat belt and a helmet! [Laughs]

What do you think of Miranda’s party so far? Cole: It’s awesome! We were just saying a studio was a great idea. I never even thought about that because then you don’t have to leave at anytime and the clean up is easy and it’s a good venue. I had never even thought of a studio.


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