Miley Cyrus against war in Uganda

Miley Cyrus and Emily Osment against the war in Uganda:


Go to and buy one of these bracelets to help end a war in Uganda! 🙂 Once again – twins!!!! 🙂 love ya @emilyosment aka toast!!! Ps my lips are just fine 🙂

This picture got taken at another Miley and Emily day and they did their nails again:


Just did @emilyosment‘s nails!!! What do u think???

emily is awesome @emilyosment is a freak!!! hahahha!!!! jk emily stole my phone! “if i was bald you could see so many lumps in my head” – emily osment sleepover with @emilyosment!!! whoop whoo! i see rocking out to lily allen in our future! 🙂 snuggling with @emilyosment and thinking about my dark haired days! p.s.” what lies beneath”… kinda lame and about 40 minutes to long.

At the set of “Hannah Montana”:


I love @billyraycyrus miss you already daddy!!!

about having to pee in the middle of the night – ” i refuse. i will not give in to my bladder.” going 2 the bathroom alone after watching “what lies beneath” “Ems youre gonna feel real bad if something pops out of toilet and kills me!” @emilyosment @mandyyjiroux and @ddlovato rock my sock!!! love ya girls! 🙂 you make me sooo happy!!! ill always be there for you.


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  1. Casandra Said:

    hello miley i was wonrering if you could e-mail me pleace i whant to talk to u you sound so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. my e-mail is

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