Taylor Swift: Bravo scans & new photoshoot.

Thanks to my friend Hong from Taylorswiftweb.net for the scans of the german mag bravo:


the article: She has breakfast with Demi Lovato, goes to the chinema with Selena gomez & goes shopping with Miley Cyrus. The whole Hollywood-Clique is crazy about the country singer taylor swift. in america they call  the 180cm tall blondehead from Hendersonville/Tennessee the next big thing. Bravo met the girl in london & was totally impressed by the sweet chatterboy with the barbie-look. Her greeting: “I may look sweet but i know exactly what i want!
Bravo: Wow. you’re really self-confident . has it always been like that ?
taylor: Sadly not. When i was younger i hated how i looked like, especially my curls. and cause I’m so tall, i felt like a stork. But I’ve learned that this thing makes me something special. so i can just tell: to be diffrent means: you’re unique & that’s cool ! even if others don’t see that !
Bravo:Was it liek that for you?
Taylor: Yes! Especially the boys slagged me of cause i was taller than them. that’s why none of the boys liked me.
Bravo: when did ya have your first boyfriedn?
Taylor: compared to my friends i was kind of a late bloomer. I had my first boyfriend when i was 15 & with him i had my first kiss.
Bravo: did ever happen something embarassing with a guy to you ?
Taylor: oh yes. i’m a big klutz. once i saw a cute boy that was waving at me at school. but when i waved back at him i noticed that he was waving at the beautiful girl behind me. stuff like that happened to me nearly every day.
B: how does it look like in love right now for you ?
T:I’m still searching for mr right …
B: what does he have to be like?
T: he needs to be self-confident & aspiring. i don’t like guys that clings on my flap all the time. He has to understand about my job.
B: is there a typ of guy u always fall for ?
T: nope. i don’t care if he’s fat or thin or if his hair is straight or curly , if brown or blonde. The important thing is that he has an awesome character & we have the same like, for example music.
B:what kind of music do you like ?
T: On my iPod i have songs of the kings of lean, john mayer & justin timerblake. i like everythign that’s catchy & has cool lyrics. it’s the same with guys – the main point is that the purport is wht counts.

she did also an AMAZING photoshoot for rolling stone mag earlier that year:taylorweb07normal_taylorweb06taylorweb010

MSNBC.COM added some previews of Taylor’s episode of Dateline NBC. Click here: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/21134540/vp/30874149#30885573 to watch them .


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  1. vanessa Said:

    Taylor and miley cyrus: they are super cool.i love you miley. i like taylor

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