Jonas Brothers: “It´s Coming!”

The Jonas Brothers can´t wait to show their new music video for “Paranoid”! They posted this picture:


IT’S COMING!!!!!!!!!


Aerial shot of our van leaving our hotel in Buenos Aires! Thanks so much to all the fans who stood outside to see us today! We love you and can’t wait for the show tonight!


43,000 people came out to see us in Argentina! Thank you so much! We love you guys and can’t wait to come back! – JB

Demi Lovato´s memories: Yayyyy Argentina is incredible… Played my biggest show tonight 🙂 It’s the ending of the song that’s the best and it’s so true! On my way to Brazil!!!

From Kelly & Sophie: “I just saw Maya Kibbel & Demi! They were in Buenos Aires shopping. Demi talked about Maya running into a tree during the wiffel ball game in Chile! Demi said she missed Selena.”

From Maria: “Someone threw a bra at Nick during the Peru concert. He caught it, but threw it away when he realized it was a bra.”

From Valentina: “I stayed in same hotel as Jonas Brothers and Demi in Santiago, Chile. I tried to go into the hotel when they went in and their bodyguard wouldn’t let me, I was staying in the hotel!”


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