Taylor Momsen: “MTV” Interview

“Gossip Girls” bauty Taylor Momsen revealed her musical influences to “MTV”:

On her idols: “There’s a couple  [of women I look up to]. I have so many female idols. Debbie Harry I think is brilliant and Joan Jett and Cherie Currie did their thing. And I think Courtney Love worked it out in her time. But Debbie Harry by far is just brilliant.”

On working on her music: “I write it all. I’m completely involved. You’re hearing my life, so you’re hearing my diaries. Have fun!”

On her album: ” I´m still working on all the little details. But we’re on tour right now with the Veronicas. You’re gonna get a little bit shellshocked. It’s definitely not what people are going to expect. It’s rock and roll. I love rock and roll, man. It feeds my soul. It’s what fits me and it’s how I can express myself.”

What does Taylor think of Leighton Meester’s music? “Well, it’s very different. I haven’t heard a ton of it, so I’ve heard only what you guys have heard online. It’s great. Everyone does their thing.”



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