David Henrie: “Wizards Of Waverly Place” Secrets

David Henrie spilled Wizards of Waverly Place movie secrets to “BOP”.

What is the basic plot? “Alex gets in a fight with her parents while the whole family is on vacation. She casts a temporary forbidden spell that wishes the parents never met and they don’t remember each other. Our goal is to get the parents back together. We search these ancient ruins for the stone of dreams which can make one wish happen. We go on a big adventure and there is a big twist at the end. How is the movie different from the show? The first half is like our show and the next half shows when we’re in our bedrooms, hanging out with no comedy involved. You really get to see a different relationship between all the characters. It definitely shows a more dramatic side and there is a lot more danger involved.”

Does anybody have a love interest? “There is a fling.”

How do you make your hotel room feel like home? “I just lay all my stuff out. For “Dadnapped” I left is all in the suitcase because I was too lazy to unpack it. This time I unpacked it all, so it felt much more homey.”

What did you do for fun in Puerto Rico? “It’s so sunny so we liked to go to the beach. There were so many cool dinner places and Old San Juan, which was really fun, so we just went out and had fun!”

Have you had to wear disguises when you go out in public? “No, I don’t think I’ll ever wear a disguise. I’m not the beardwearing, mustache, funny glasses and hat type of guy.”




  1. Anonymous Said:

    you are ugly

  2. Anonymous Said:

    you smell like caca and pipi

  3. David Henrie is fiteee 🙂
    On Wizards when he smiles, he lites up the whole town. How cutee is that picee of him? I have spent all day watching Wizards Episodes & watching him in Hatching Pete I think it is and a couple more. he’s so cute. Him and Selena make quite a good couple & Selena actually goes good with Taylor Launter. Selena is my rolemodel for life. David Henrie, wit-woo 🙂

    Don’t anyone agree 😦
    He’s just so fit. He is ace. He’s a good actor he’s my current favourite actor. The Wizards Of Waverly Place cast are currently filming a Wizards Of Waverly Place Movie and Selena Gomez is recording her album which releases in July sometime or maybe August. I hope it comes out soon cos i’m gonna buy it.

  4. yash Said:

    he’s just so sweet
    he n selena makeup a gud couple for each other,,,,,

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