Aaron Johnson: 25 years older girlfriend

According to a fansite of him Aaron Johnson is now dating Sam Taylor-Wood. And she is about 25 years older !!! i mean, this is really creepy. what do u think about that ?



  1. omg i swear he isnt !! :O

    • Anonymous Said:

      omg!!! HE IS. 😥 i wonders if she makes him eat all his veggies 😛

      • Anonymous Said:


      • no one Said:

        nooooooooooooo ewwwwwwww gross its like dating ur mom ughhhh good thing robert pattinson is not dating a grama and same with jim sturgess i would die cuz i couldnt stand them all with their fricken moms!!!!!!!

      • sad news! Said:



      • millie Said:

        omg he isnt i thought he was going out with georgia groom from angus thongs and perfect snoggings. thats fucked up
        really really fucked

    • Anonymous Said:


      • HAHA Said:


      • Anonymous Said:


      • millie Said:

        your fucking rite she a fucking whore and should shag someone her friking age and he should go out with georgia groom.
        that how the fuck things should go

    • sad news! Said:

      he is i no so stop lying to urselves but i read an article and she broke up with her husband because he was having an affair with a girl in her 20’s and i think the only reason sam taylor wood is dating him is because she wants to get back too her husband for having and affair with a young girl! here is the article READ IT! it under the pic of sam tayloe woods husband and the young girl getting cought in the carribean and thats y she divored him and shes using AARON THE HOTTY I HATE HER!

      • sad news! Said:

        oh and read the subscription under the pic of sam and aaron!

    • sad news! Said:

      watch this video its proof they are going out and having a baby!


      • Den Said:

        You are all just jealous and grow up if he can make decisions as to what he likes then leave them alone

    • Jess M Said:

      thats not terribly gross…..okit is but it happens all the time but for sumone as hot as aaron he shuld deffo go owt wid chuicks his OWN age x

    • alyss Said:

      lol,OMG.i cant believe they are going to nave a baby .i mean hes HOTand she is totaly UGLY.he needs to date georgia groome .this is groody to ate someone older. im goig to throw up.EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW.

  2. ferny Said:

    he isn’t its a lie i sent a letter to his fanmail address and he sent one back saying hes not so deal with it

    • random Said:

      i agree with u , even tho i dont know u and if he really did reply can pretty plz give me his thingy! u would be a darl if u did!

    • lucyy Said:

      Yeah please can i have his fanmail address to

    • emily Said:

      wat is his fanmail!!!!!

    • emma Said:

      i agree he is to young for her he would never do something like that he is to smart

      • ghct Said:

        non désolé poulétte

    • Anonymous Said:

      what are the pics of them toghether about then????? (not to be rude)

  3. jessica Said:

    It’s not a lie, he is dating her. There are photos of them kissing..

    • Anonymous Said:

      wat is with his hair

      • michaela john Said:

        init :S he is fit but bit despret to go out with some one who is oldest to be his mum so

    • Anonymous Said:

      that isn’t even him you idiot… he dont have blonde hair and tht aint his face u tard 😛

      • Kaela Said:

        ya seriously!

      • meagan Said:

        i mean seriously. i thought u guys LOVE him. If you seriously think that that is him than u r NUTS! that is not him. i am obsessed with him and i know that that isnt him. U guys shouldnt be starting rumors about someone or saying something if your not sure if its true of whether or not its actually that person. Get your facts straight and then say what u want to say. I looooooveeeeeeee you Aaron.

      • Anonymous Said:

        YA, it is his face, and he just has some wierd hair style. And he IS engaged to her, they announced it like pretty recently. Look it up.

    • emma Said:

      thats not him and even if it was it would be a joke!

      • Ana Said:

        It is him i’m afraid 😉

      • meagan Said:


      • Anonymous Said:


    • Anonymous Said:

      its not him. god, look at his hair and his face. it’s not him.

      • Anonymous Said:

        ok, it is his face but his hair looks like it was from the backstreet boys days or somethin

      • Anonymous Said:


    • dani Said:

      wtfffff thats fucking grossse i was supoised to have his baby jk jki
      thats fucking nasty
      i dnt care if it his choiseeee
      k askoooo
      blahhh blahhh
      idk idk
      its nasty
      how could he

  4. emma Said:

    OMG…this is not real…!!!!he is so sweet and she is so old and ….no coment….

    • random Said:

      do u beleive everythinng u c

      • Ana Said:


      • Anonymous Said:

        it’s not true at all. it’s like all those retarded rumors people made up saying megan fox has a penis and robert pattinson is pregnant. they’re just stupid rumors people with no life make up.

  5. beth Said:

    argh…scary aaron is so fit and she isn’t for him. shes well old. i think they need to find someone their own ages personally.

    Btw I LOVE YOU AARON !!! fit xx

  6. Danielle Said:

    Noo, Trust Me He Really Is Not Dating/Going out with her i should know. Just trust me when i say i know for a fact they Are NOT (:

    • xxLiv Said:

      What exactly is that supposed to mean…?

      • Anonymous Said:

        Dw Its just i do. But you lot belive what ever you want 🙂

    • meagan Said:

      I agree with you 100000% even though i dont kow you! You are right. THIS IS NOT TRUE! THAT PICTURE IS FAKE! does it look like him (NO) thats what i thought. Maybe hes not single but hes not goingout with HER! Believe Me! Dont believe everything you “see.”

    • Anonymous Said:

      Yes, they are. Look it up.

  7. Anonymous Said:

    UGH! WHY????!!!!!

    • Anonymous Said:

      Because i just knoww

  8. Layney Said:

    he is dating Sam Taylor Wood and she is indeed 25 years his elder. Why is everyone going all spazzy? it’s not like he would ever talk to any of you 12 year olds.

    • L..P. Said:

      yeah, and do you think he would talk to YOU????

      you’ve got it all wrong

      • michaela john Said:

        init im 12 and he is fit but its like 1 in 100000000 u will ever meet him so never so live with it

    • Ana Said:

      pshhh shall up ” layney ” if das a name :S
      dunnt say dat bravv. 😉
      he wudd talk to a 12 a yr old fann so haa.

      • Anonymous Said:

        you guys are all retards, i swear. no one at all would ever date a person that’s double and more their age. especially not a celebrity.

      • no one Said:

        ok first he would talk to a fan for a second and we r not spazzing out we just hate to see some old hag with a him i mean i wouldnt care if he was with at least like some in their 20’s!

  9. anonymous Said:

    The only thing that truly matters is if they are in love with eachother. If they are , we shouldnt judge them, but rather be happy for them because they found love with one another. Love doesnt have an age.

    • ???? Said:

      wat? so ur saying u wnt mind if a dude twice ur age was into u?
      thats just gross…
      i mean she was 25 yrs old when he was born…
      eeeu! thats just perverted

    • melany Said:

      I agree 100%. Age doesn’t matter. It is what comes from your heart that matters. If they love each other then let them. If its meant to be, then its meant to be, if its not, then its not. I think that Aaron is a out of this world gorgeous and i am totally obessessed with him, Im gonna let him do what he wants and support what he does (within reason), just like you all should, LIKE REAL FANS.

      • Anonymous Said:

        dayum girl, your so gay and cheesy, read what you just wrote.

      • no one Said:

        ok first age does matter i think dating ur granmother is illegal and perverted and hes so hot and shes so not im mean any girl could get him if they are at least decent looking shes not that hot well i think no 40 year old is hot speaking that my mom is in her 40’s!

      • jessica Said:

        I believe in all that love stuff ya but i mean its just like dating ur mom for gods sake!!!! its kinda nasty like her daughter is 7 years younger then him really??

  10. lucyy Said:

    does aaron have a fan email address or a letter address ?? x

    • R Said:

      I got a response from the Jackie Plamer Agency in High Wycombe some time ago now.

  11. Emma Said:

    okok so hes fit;
    ok mega fit !
    but does it really mater if he is/isn’t ?
    none of you or me know him sooo my advice;
    kk ?!

  12. danii reeves Said:

    omg he could never goo out with that…thatt… that thingg
    ii am gobsmacked!!!!
    ii aint bein funny like but ii dont really like her… ii dont even no her but gosh ii cant believe it ! :O
    ii mean he is totalyy fitt
    ii couldnt stop stariin at him when ii sin angus thongs and perfect snogginn !! well tbf ii cant now!!!
    He is just totalyy FIT!!!

  13. H.C Said:

    no she has a husband whos an art dealer
    so unless shes being unfaithful
    i doubt there dating.

    • Anonymous Said:

      i agree with you. a lot.

    • Anonymous Said:

      no it said she devorced him for aaron :S

  14. rhiannon Said:

    wat no it can’t be he’s my luv not hers how dare this fan club lie or wateva i need to find out who said that

    • Haylie Said:

      He’s not yours! He’s engaged already!

  15. Anonymous Said:

    no he is there are pics of him kissing her and whats his fan mail

  16. Anonymous Said:

    she divorced him last year and they are going out, theres tons of pictures in magazines of them

  17. H.C Said:

    o well
    good on her getting an 18 year old then 🙂

  18. Anonymous Said:

    i thin mnjkjvkjvjkjjvu

  19. laura Said:

    Does he have a fan mail?Can you give me them?

  20. Anonymous Said:

    This is soooooooooooo not true because im his best friend and i no who hes dating.

    • wanting the truth Said:

      how do we know ur his best friend?

    • Anonymous Said:

      ya ur probaly not prove it please!

  21. amy Said:

    i dont think aaron would go out with some one ALOT older than him

  22. bereeee Said:

    issstt sooo creepy


  23. bereeee Said:

    addd my msn bere.-brenda@hotmail.com

    i am a big fannnnnn of thiss beutiful guy 🙂
    i loveee his eyes

  24. Lise Said:

    What is his fanmail adresse really ?
    I really want to know ❤

  25. Alice♥ Said:

    Its true i’ve seen a picture only just been released its SOO disgusting i find it really disturbing and im creeped out and he doesn’t even look good looking anymore he looks 40 epecially with what his wearing 😦

    • Ana Said:

      i agree alice.

      • Anonymous Said:

        agreed x10000000000000000000000000

  26. Abbie Said:

    He’s soooo like mega fit!!!
    After watching angus thongs and perfect snogging my dream is like to be with him……..

    Can somebody tell me his fanmail address ! ?? I’ll will send him a letter everyday saying that i think he’s fab!!
    Im gonna get my family to arrange me to see him…….. Anybody wanna come with me? Hes mega fit cmon and like he is not dating/going out with or whatever you wanna cool it with a 25 year old ! , no way hosay and i live in eastbourne wear angus thongs and perfect snogging is and at the pier i saw it being filmed but i couldnt go and meet Aaron because he was atually filming the end part wear georgia and robbie are hugging and things =]

    I love him, i have pictures all round my room of him!

    HE IS A SEX GOD !!!!!

    I love u Aaron xxxxx

    • wanting the truth Said:

      omg tht is sooooo cool!

    • Anonymous Said:

      how did you get pictures?
      from printing them?
      hah, i want some!(:

  27. Anonymous Said:

    far out u gurls..obsessed much!! hes got an aussie gf! whch would be me were spending xmas 2gethr so wahhhhhhhhh haha xx

  28. Blake Said:

    i think he´s dating her. I saw other pictures with them, where he also has blonde hair and they were holding hands. I guess it´s true

  29. Joe Jonas Said:

    I think it’s awfully that he smokes:(
    btw I’m from Norway so mabe you think I write English awful, but in Norway we learn it like this:)


  30. penny Said:

    Could be wrong.
    But,if shes just got divorced she prob wants to show her ex=hubby that she dont care and can get anyone she wants-(him being 18)

    I give it 6months top

  31. Ana Said:



  32. jessica Said:

    It’s true. He posted a picture of him and her on his twitter.

  33. aaaamy. Said:

    you all go on like you no him!
    I mean come on, he’s engaged to the woman!
    so what if she’s older, more lucky on her getting on him tbf.
    stop going on sick, and no ones got his fanmail she’s chatting shit, do you really think Aaron Johnson is gonna sit down at a computer and write back to all his fans?
    come on it’s the biggest bullshit I’ve heard,
    so you should all just get a life, and stop thinking aaron is gonna love you as much as you no him.

  34. aaaamy. Said:

    they are engaged! go on wikepedia, type arron Johnson in and it says he’s engaged to that woman!!

  35. Anonymous Said:

    no seriously it is

  36. Jessica Said:

    What is he thinking?! He could do so much better he’s still young he doesn’t want a girlfriend thats 25 years older! Thats just totally wrong xxxx

  37. Hannah Said:

    I think this is disgusting, she’s old enough to be his mum!

  38. Hannah Said:

    I don’t understand what he sees in her?! :s

  39. Hannah Said:

    Is it true that their engaged aswell ?

  40. ray Said:

    He is fucking dating her!
    Just google it, damn it!

    He is so gorgeous and YOUNG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. raegan Said:

    tbh, i think he is dating her, and would it matter to yous annyway, im sorry but you probably wont meet him and its his choice if he wants an older woman its up to him, im sorry bbs but thats how love works 🙂 xxxxx

  42. KEZIAHHH Said:

    I think it is diabolical!!
    I don’t think it is true to be honest. But it could be! :/

  43. Meg Said:

    He IS engaged to Sam Taylor Wood, whos like 23 years older than him. Look it up- they like announced it weeks ago, when they were shooting Nowhere Boy. I just think thats creepy, cause she could be his mom! I mean, eww!! He should go out with girls his own age. And that IS him in the picture; he just has some wierd hairdo and if you look closely that’s his face.

  44. alexis Said:

    i think its his choice. but why settle down at the age of 19 with a women more than half your age. he has his whole life ahead of him. he isnt even 20 yet. im not sure if its best for him to marry her when shes 42 and hes 19.

  45. maztard Said:

    Check this link.. it’s deffo him
    I didn’t believe it when I saw the other link but after some extensive research into thee matter (I know.. sad, much?) i can tell that Aaron Johnson is dating Jay Joplin’s ex 😛

  46. nc Said:

    i think that you can´t help who you fall in love with, but my personal opinion is that she´s old enough to make good decisions and marrying someone 25 years his senior just isn´t, i mean.. what if he wants to have kids when he´s older?
    he can´t exactly have any of her kids and also, she may leave him a widow sooner than most people. It´s nice that they´re happy but are they being realistic?

  47. sophie Said:

    omg way not

  48. CharlotteHarding Said:

    He Is Hes Engaged To Her Christ Magzines Picture Bluudy Hell So Like The Second Comment Said Live With The Truth Cos It Is Truee Christ Sakes

  49. Nitsu Said:

    Eu ainda estou chocada…

  50. roni Said:

    yes they are going out, argh makes me sick ==”
    shes like 25yrs older, read this in a newspaper reporting on filming their movie ‘nowhere boy’ and the journalist/reporter was explaining their ‘love’ or whatever. just.. 19yr old and a 42yr old.
    What are you thinking Aaron?!

  51. nc Said:

    i meant 25 years her senior not his

  52. Marcela Said:

    This is the funniest thing I’ve read on the Internet in a while. He’s knocked her up too, seriously. Sure their relationship is messed up, but the obsessives on this thread really make me laugh, he doesn’t know any of you and probably doesn’t give a fcuk what you think. There I said it lol

  53. rebecca Said:

    shes pregnant

  54. helena s Said:

    erm he ain’t 20 yet omg big difference 19 to 20 comeon …
    but yeh he’s younger than her but who cares look at madonna she doesn’t care..he’s 19 he could make his decisions.
    and its more disgusting for him to go out with a 12 year old thats pedo atleast his gf sam won’t b considered one.
    Grow up he’s 19 no longer 16/17 years old so he could go out with whoever even if its your mothers age.
    ok 19 he is he should date up to atleast 25 no older but its up to him.. life goes on he loves her and he’s engaged has a baby and well u’se lot get over it.
    I’m 18 and my bf 23 years old ..it don’t matter when u get older how big the age difference is..unless ur younger or under-18 thats what i believe .. my opinion 🙂

  55. samantha Said:

    i agree with helena…as you get older it don’t matter..i’m 22 only few years older than aaron johnson.
    I’ve dated guys when i was only 17 … about 13 or 14 years older now when i turned only 21 i dated older and younger up to atleast 18 as thats the consent age i find it disgusting other wise.
    she is 25 years older but thats ok she ain’t his mum so forget it he loves her and maybe when they break up he’ll date me i’ll wait any 18-21 years old out there dating some one older alot so u’se school girls are still young wait to your older 🙂 xxxx

  56. Elzorz Said:

    They are together, they are engaged and she is pregnant with his child. She directed the film Nowhere Boy that he was in.

  57. Anonymous Said:

    hes engaged eww to a 42 year old gross hes so hot in america thats considered gross

  58. Anonymous Said:

    ewwww what a cougar

  59. hannah Said:

    omg thats realy wrong when there are lots of girls his age willing to go out with him but no he likes the older one
    i also hear that she is 42 and hes only 19 so ew thats realy wrong and aswell as that now there engaged and shes having his baby just think when hes about 30 she will probly have gray hair lol i dont know why people would wont to go out out with some one that much older than them its not like he wouldnt get someone else god!

  60. Maddy Said:

    Aaron Johnson IS dating (now engaged) to Sam Taylor Wood.. And they ARE having a baby! I personally think that this is kinda wrong and that Sam Taylor Wood needs to get a grip. Like Really.. she’s 42 and he is not even legally allowed to drink yet. And since she was the director of Nowhere Boy, it’s kinda like a teacher hitting on a student! uhm yeah, not fun! I dont know, i just find that Very depressing! But, still can’t help loving him! ❤

  61. Haley Said:

    Ha! Kinda funny how many people have an opinion about this! But i agree, it’s a little wrong. I mean when he is 40, she will be 63 and won’t that be awkward when she wants him to hang out with her and her friends..! Yeah

  62. Aaron Johnson Said:

    Ello, This is Aaron Johnson, the uh, ‘fit’ one. I am being held captive in an underwater chamber by a 42 year old woman. She has photoshopped pictures of me and her. These pictures are NOT real i repeat, NOT real and if you really do love me, you will hunt her down and save me from my underwater prison! Thank you for your support!

    • Hollie Said:

      OMYGOSH ! PEOPLE!!! Does no one else feel even slightly worried that Aaron Johnson has been captured and is being kept in an underwater prison!! Am i the only one that wants to save him!! Visit my website, http://www.FreetheFitty.com! If we work together we CAN and WILL save him!

      • Jessie Said:

        How did you type this if you are under water?? I do not care, I believe you. I will hunt her down and make her cry. haha

    • brittany Said:

      OMG we have to help arron we do love you arron we r goin to have to help u and save u cuz ur soo freakin hott i will save u from the 42 yr old:)

      • Aaron Johnson Said:

        Thank you everyone! for your support and love! As for the underwater question.. i am held in a air bubble! You are all beautiful!

  63. gurprem Said:

    it’s his life.let hm date who ever he wants 2.

  64. gurprem Said:

    it’s his life.let him date who ever he wants 2.

    • Lauren Said:

      i don’t think he should date a 43 year old chick

    • Graice Laine Said:

      why would he want to date her he’s crazy to date her

  65. Lauren Said:

    hi are you dating that 43 year old chick

  66. Graice Laine Said:

    I don’t think he should marry that old chick.

    • Jessie Said:

      I agree with you 500000%

      • Graice Laine Said:

        why do you think just 50 %you should think 100%

  67. Jessie Said:

    He is not in love with her, she is just a one time thing. She probably just wants him for his money, no lie. He could have any girl (cough) me. He is so ahh-mazingling awesome, He deserves someone better, I mean she is old enough to be his mom.

  68. Aoife Said:

    Omg Hes Yum Like !! But Ye Cant Say Anything About It , Its Up To HIm Who He GOs Out With But She Is Really OLD !! And Hes SOoo Young !

  69. Zie Said:

    Okay, here’s the facts.
    1) I know its gross but it happens. People fall in love with the wrong person and sometimes it s totally unavoidable.
    2) You guys are not his mothers. He is old enough to do whatever he wants (and that includes dating whoever he wants)
    3) You all are probably a bunch of little tweeny boppers who are obsessed with a guy who is twice your age (like Sam and Aaron).
    4) You all wouldnt be disgusted if Aaron chose you (which is EXTREMELY UNLIKELY) even though its the same thing they are doing.
    5) Do not say its different because its not.
    6) Do not think I’m not a fan because I was just as obsessed as you guys are when I saw him in AT&PS.
    7) Just wait until you guys actually fall in love and you will know how they feel.
    8) Sam is probably very ashamed but cannot help herself.
    9) Aaron has a right to be loved. He is probably followed around daily by press an what not. He needs to be with someone who loves him and is not just trying to get him to do some stunt that will ruin his career.
    10) Stop judging. You all wouldnt want to be judged if this happened to you.

    You guys dont own him and neither do I. Someday you will all be with someone who loves you and do you know their age now? No. You wont know until its already happened. So live YOUR lives and not his. I’ve gotten over it and you will too. You’ll forget about him soon. Have a blessed life and STOP WORRYING!

    Good day!
    ~ Zie

  70. anonimo Said:

    Hi I think this page is in English but I’m spanish so I will tell you all the information in spanish :$
    Aaron está saliendo con esta señora des de el casting de Nowhere boy, por lo que se ve Sam lo persiquió bastante segun lo que he leido.
    Ella tuvo cancer de colon y tiene dos hijos (la mayor se lleva 7 años con aaron) con su exmarido al que dejó un poco más de un año antes de empezar a salir con aaron
    Estan comprometidos y por lo que se ve esperan un hijo felizmente.

    Es una gran pena, creo quer sam no le hará feliz…

  71. okay, hes the most sexiest person i have seen in my life and hes engaged to HER!!!!!!! WHAT THE FUCK!?! if this is true i have one thing to say.. WHAT HAS COME TO THIS WORLD!?

  72. Summergirl Said:

    OMG ! I’ve seen that … But do u know that his “wife” (OMG OMG) is pragnant ?? Yesss they’ll have a CHILD ! really he distryed his life … Or not ?! who knows ? But he’s so young … Nevertheless, Aaron Johnson is cuuute and a big actor 🙂 Kisses everyone 🙂

    // Aaronnnn come with me 🙂 LOL //

  73. mary Said:

    i really don’t have comment…….. what a waste!!!

  74. Anonymous Said:

    he is really hot and could have any girl he wanted.
    maybe, me. haha. but really, that is so stupid.
    gawd he is so hot. and he choooses HER?!

  75. KING MEL Said:

    You guys are like what, 11?
    So immature >w:3

  76. KINGMEL >:{D Said:

    You guys are so annoying.. -_______-”
    You keep calling him “Hottie”, stfu! There’s much more to him then his amazing good looks..idiots.
    I’m sad too, but I’m happy if he’s happy (TRUE FAN) :3
    He doesn’t love you. Get over it, blah blah. NOOBS!
    You’re all just pathetic little fangirls! GTFO >:O

    KING MEL >:{D
    *Punches in faceee*

  77. Eden Said:

    someone was desperate!

  78. Eden Said:

    even better,
    I just read, her oldest daughters only 7 years younger than him.

  79. Anonymous Said:

    sorry but WHY THE HELL is he doing this!!!?o0 he could have like every girl in the world thats how hot he is…and hes dating, no hes almost married to a 42!!! year old woman!!!thats REALLY groooooosssss..
    you cannot even dream of him any more bc you always have to think of him shagging his grama!???!!!!.

  80. laralaine Said:

    sorry but WHY THE HELL is he doing this!!!?o0 he could have like every girl in the world thats how hot he is…and hes dating, no hes almost married to a 42!!! year old woman!!!thats REALLY groooooosssss..
    you cannot even dream of him any more bc you always have to think of him shagging his grama!???!!!!.

  81. Anonymous Said:

    Omg!!! Why HIM!!!! He’s SOOO cute, SHE IS TOO OLD FOR HIM!!!!!

  82. chloe Said:

    i really like aaron but i didnt think he would go out with someone 25 years older !!!!!! loya aaron xXxXxXxXxXxXxX

  83. SlightlyDepressed Said:

    …. i am slighly depressed, that they are expecting a child … okay i am slightly more depressed than slightly. ….
    wahhhhh, why are the good ones always taken/dead/stupid.??!!!
    D= D= D=


  84. cookie Said:

    i am so mad that is some bull she is so ugly for him come on he is fricken fine as hail why would he go for someone like her plus they are expecting ugh that skank took my man

  85. fuck no Said:


    how can he do that?
    having a baby and marrying her! She is old enough to be your mom!

  86. mette frederikke Said:

    they are in love ❤ whats the matter with that?

  87. Ems Said:

    omg this is stupid that twat ! Why with a 43 year old\!!!??? he needs to stop and think the movie he did he was georg and he ruined it WITH THE STUPID HAIR CUT AND THE 43 YEAR OLD WIFE!!! id rather let him go out with the one in the movie she is way better!! stupid ! HE MAKING HIS LIFE A WASTE! If he reads this hope you feel sad because u r way hot and ur dating a 43 year old! Well done!

  88. hannahissy Said:

    omg he should be dating some one his age ewwww!

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