Kristen Stewart: “I’m Too Young To Marry”

Kristen Stewart got a marriage proposal from her boyfriend Michael Angarano. But she turned it down. She said she doesn’t want to marry yet: “Michael wants to be with her forever,” a source tells “Star” magazine. “They’ve been together three years, and he feels they’re ready to take the leap. Kristen feels she’s too young to get married.She thinks she’ll wed when she’s maybe 25. In the end, Michael’s OK with waiting. He’d do anything for her.”

Actors Michael Angarano and Kristen Stewart attend the Motorola Late Night Lounge on January 19, 2008 in Park City, Utah.



  1. NAME Said:


  2. Person Said:

    OMG EWWWWW MICHAEL IS UGLY X-( she should do totally go with robert pattinson!!

    • Anonymous Said:

      She is with Pattinson Not with Micheal anymore! Yay he is grooss

      • Mrs. Crushie Said:

        I’m so happy! They are perfect for each other!

  3. tiffany Said:

    kristen stewart is hot i now this because i am lesbo!
    that micheal person is ugly thoughhot to my brother, because he is gay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Alice Said:

      I know for sure that your not a christian cause your not supost to be that way, God didnt create you to be like that. Whats wrong with you?! get a grip both you and your brother

  4. Anonymous Said:

    wat the fuck!

  5. Anonymous Said:

    okay i totally agreee, she needs to go with robert! hes sexy and they r tooo cute.

  6. ANONYMOUS Said:


  7. mireya Said:


  8. maria Said:

    umm wat the fuck is wrong with michael i mean you are ugly man ok ugly you asshole kristen trust me ok you shoudnt get marry but come on look at mr hottie robert then at your ugly bf michael then tell me who is cute i mean you know is rob duh come on just end this thing already kick that gusy ass and go take rob he is so hot cute sexy you are not taking this seriously you have to see people are dying for rob and you have a chance so go ahead take mr hottie rob please take him you guys look so cute and everyone thiks your ugly guy is totally ugly come on go for rob and take michael as a damm friedn trust me i am right

  9. Anita Said:

    What is wrong with you obsessed people??? Michael Angarano is NOT ugly! He is a briliant young actor and he is totally hot. I don’t say that Pattinson is not handsome, he is, they both are! Of course if Michael doesn’t play in the damn movie he should be offended. That is totally unfair. And whait a sec. who the hell r u to give her advises with whom to be with. She is a grown up young woman she knows what to do with her life, who to like, who to fall in love with. Can’t u just leave actors alone? They are people, human beings just like u. Imagine what u would feel if u were on their places? To be wached 24/7, know every step, comment every event, mess with people’s lives. Pff the croud is the most horrible thing ever.

    As to the wedding I think Michael felt at stake of loosing her, cos of the compettition or may be she pulled back from him i don’t know. I honestly whish they both find “the thing” that kept them togeter for 3 years and try to bring it back and stick to it. 🙂

    • alaina Said:

      you are so stupid where do you come from sayin all this ..especially about him bn cute hot whatever. HE is UGLY as hell dude. and dont you give people lectures on their opinion because yours sucks too.

      • nonofurbuissness Said:

        ur stupid! michael is freakin hot!!

      • Anonymous Said:

        you are right girl you go girl lol

  10. Anonymous Said:

    Whatever happens will happen.

  11. alaina Said:

    kristen kristen kristen. you shouldn’t be wastin yo time on guys because now you should be doing something very useful with your self and not worryin about guys. especially michael. he is a total waste of time. and not just any time, your fricken time. he is ugly..VERY. you should’ve taken the chance with rob while you still had it because girl.. you missin something or someone that COULD be part of not only your time but your life. HE ASKED YOU TO MARRY HIM. isnt that enugh. girls would die for that question to be asked to them from HIM. you made a terrible mistake. and for all you haters that want michael are total fricken losers ..get a life and move on because he is ugly as hell. kk?!!?

  12. Anonymous Said:

    nooo =(

  13. maria Said:

    hi is me maria again i just have to say something i might be 10 but i know what i am talking about first of all it is kristen choice she could do anything she wants with her life but if it was me i would it say that they are both fuckin ugly ok rob is ugly just as michael but is her choice i think you should go out with whoever you want but look at rob girls are dying for that guy and you have a chance so go out with rob girl and brake up with michael yo

  14. maria Said:

    those people who think that michael is ugly than you are certainly right and those who think rob is hot are also certainly right ok now kristen is acting like a big asshole and i am serious you girl come on you know michael is not cute sooo you dumbass break up with him duh and go out with rob i mean like wat the fuck is wrong with you you know something i was a big fan of you kristen but now you are acting like an asshole just take mr.hottie rob duh you just suck ok you are a bicht a dumbass and a big stupid idiot ok yes you are so dumb i mean like you know you dont like that ugly man michael you know that when you stare at his face in your mind you say man he is ugly well just say it i mean like what is so hard about saying michael i want to brake up with you and then go up to rob and say yo sexy i want to go out with you cutie i mean like i have done that million of times duh and i am not the only one like come on kristen just do it ok do it or you will just suck more and more everyday

  15. Mrs. Crushie Said:

    Kristen. I know that you are big time actor and you don’t really have time to read this but, i don’t know if you should go with Michael. Ever since you met him seemed to be different. If Michael has a bad influence on you then my advice to you is to don’t go with him. I trust that you are a smart girl. Never go with your heart or mind cause they can decieve you. But trust in the Lord and He will show you the right path.

    PS: If you ask me I would go with Rob. He is kind and handsome. Go with him! Im begging! everyone thinks that your a great couple and your just going to let him slip through your fingers?! don’t do that! go with him you two are like soul mates! Please Kristen listen to me and the ones that agree with me! All of my friends even agree. Please listen to me if you want to be happy. Rob i bet is really in love with you. Give him a chance and I really hope that you won’t regret it.

  16. coffee Said:

    ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! you are made and perfect for robert. michael is such a yuck! he never suits you pretty, sooooooooooooo don’t waste time and get started with pattt!

  17. DesertDiamond Said:

    I don’t think looks should be the deciding factor in a relationship. Just thought I’d put my two cents in. That and its her choice, who ever she’s with will not effect my life.

  18. anna Said:

    umh listing kristen i understande you swety you do whats est for you but i have to say wat i think in i think that yuor boyfreind is not ugly in hes not cute either hes okay and rob is like the definition of sexy hot perfect he is hot as hell but is you the type of girl that like okay guys then fine stay with ur boyfriend but 4 real you in rob a to perfect together ya lok hot in evry single pick ya have but do whats best for you not whay i think wich wat i think is you in rob should date thast what i think. in ro i love u i love u to kris

  19. Jessi and Anna Said:

    YOU ARE ALL CRAZY. robert pattinson is not more attractive than michael. end if story.

    • maria Said:

      umm you are so stupid you are such and asshole dummy

    • Mrs. Crushie Said:

      What is wrong with you?! Rob and Kristen are perfect for each other. That is end of stoy.

  20. CC Said:

    you guys do realize that if anything happens between stewart and pattinson that there could potentially be many problems with the movies for the twilight saga correct?

    • Mrs. Crushie Said:

      Yes. But they will have better chemistry than before.

  21. Evelin Said:

    Grammatical problems, spelling errors, e-rages, are we children here?

    Allow all of yourselves to realize that when you fall in love with someone it may not be the exact model material for your friends or anyone else. Respect the fact that Ms. Stewart may indeed like Mr. Angarano for his own qualities and not Mr. Pattinson’s. Who are all of you to judge who Ms. Stewart is to go out with and how her feelings are to be.
    Angst is all I suspect, just because Stewart and Pattinson happened to starline each other in some fairly-rated Romantic thriller does not mean it has to be manipulated in reality as well. Don’t overplay your fantasies, Twilight is a story, what happens in the actors and actresses’ real lives are meaningfully much different than what happens on screen.

  22. rose Said:

    kristen forget michael take robert he is the clear choice

  23. Angelina Said:

    Fuck all of ya Kristen dont listen to any 1
    if u like michael take him if u dnt leave him
    if u like rob take him if u dnt dnt take him
    du whateva jus enjoyyyyyyy!

    P.S love u kristen rob and michael

  24. Anonymous Said:

    If you’re happy with Michael, then that’s good. Although, Robert is a hot choice and you could totally have anyone you wanted, that doesn’t mean you should just dump Michael. You two are probably best friends. You and Robert look cute together only because of the movie and everything but I’m sure you and Michael are a cute couple too. But definitely don’t marry yet, you have many years to do that ahead of you. And you are gorgeous!

  25. Christinn Said:

    You guys need to keep out of their relationship!! ! ! ! ! She is happy with Michael. Besides, there’s no proof that she’s dating RPATTZ! Michael Angarano is also one of my fav actors!!

    • Mrs. Crushie Said:

      Well, to bad 4 u!

  26. maria Said:

    ok this is what i think i know i am ten years old but i know alot about this first of all kristen fell in love with michael 3 years ago and shes been with him for three years soo she must really like him and maybe she wants to get to know rob better and how they are really close friends maybee they will go out some day you know its possible and in my opinion rob is cuter then michael because michael is man ugly good thing she say no oh and those people who think that michael is hot well dont tell us because we dont really care and wow i am just waiting for kristen to say yes to rob soo bye people peace out

  27. Mini Badegr Said:

    ROBERT PATTINSON IS SOOOOOOOO SEXY!!!!!! kristen im not saying ur bf is ugly, but he is just not good looking, but Robert sooooooooooooooooo is, u too just look so right together!!!! 🙂
    i’ve seen the video of u flirting wiv each other, ive seen the pic of u and him in bed naked (they say!) i think ur right not to get married yet but just go wiv Robert Pattinson PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!! 🙂

  28. cel y lore Said:

    Amor no podes estar con ese pibe, robert esta wenisimo, encima qe te qiere hacen re linda pareja , abri los ojos bela… tus fans n°1

  29. Alice Said:

    I think that who ever Kristen choses is the one that she wants to be with. I know that some people on this site are not Christians but I am. The Lord will let you meet Mr. Right, or Mrs. Right when its time to meet them. I don’t know if Rob and Kristen were meant to be together, and I don’t know if Michael and Kristen are to be together. But what I do know is that who ever she choses, or who ever the Lord choses for her, is Mr. Right. So I do agree with Evelin. Eon of Story.

    • Alice Said:

      I meant End of Story

  30. Melessa Said:

    you people are disgustingly shallow. just dump the guy shes been with for three years and your only reasoning is because the other guys hotter? forget how the person treats you or who you have a better connection with etc, just drop his ass cause hes not as hot as another guy. i hope each and everyone of you little bitches gets dumped for someone hotter than your pathetic selves. maybe then youll learn to not live life as a bitch

  31. Anonymous Said:

    At this point I don’t really care who she ends up with because she is not the good girl that you think she is, she smokes weed and there are pictures to prove it! and I don’t care about Rob, cause I don’t think that he is hot, nor handsome. To tell you the truth he is really strange .The only reason why I know them both is through Twilight. I think that Edward is handsome, and Rob is not. I know that they are the same person but the way they groom themselves is different and I like the way he looks as Edward, not a himself. Same thing goes for Kristen, did you see her hair! It looks horrible! she looks like someone who has been SMOKING for a long time!

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