Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez BFF Weekend!

Taylor Swift and BFF Selena Gomez had a friend weekend and posted somethings on twitter. Selena said:

There are 2 things I learned tonight. 1) I have such an amazing friend 2) love, friendship, work, family and fans are Fearless.

Taylor tweeted:

I see Selena in T-minus ONE HOUR. Getting ready for the show with Selena. She says hi. 🙂

And she posted such a cute picture of them:


Seattle and Selena both start with “Se”.

After that they hit up to Taylors concert. From Courtney:

“Last night at the Taylor Swift concert in Seattle I happened to look over right next to me by the VIP sound area on the floor and saw Selena Gomez. She was dancing & singing, looked like she was having a great time.  It didn’t seem like anyone noticed her because most people were either in front of her or behind. I recognized her was because she was to the side of me and I could see her face. She left quickly during Taylor’s last song to go backstage.”



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