Miley Cyrus: Bahamas…Fun?

Miley posted this picture to twitter (jealous! :D) :


@heidimontag this is where mom and I got a “couples massage”. Haha kinda awkward with your mom ha and she said she was ready to kill me cause I wouldn’t shut up the whole time about how much I missed @ddlovato!

But paparazzi followed her to the Bahamas and she said: wow. paparatzi are lammme! just found out from the link @heidimontag sent me that they followed me to the bahamas 😦 whatever they cant get me down! my family and i had a greattttt time 🙂


Another bad thing is that she misses Demi Lovato SO bad:

i am sitting in the beautiful bahamas missing @ddlovato 😦 i miss u so much @ddlovato i cant wait to give u the biggesttt hug in the world and we should snuggle and watch True Hollywood Story. @ddlovato omg i ammmm freezing! im literally sleeping in a beanie. @ddlovato I am Miley. But you have to call me Dragon. @ddlovato “A true friend is someone who thinks you’re a good egg even though he knows you’re slightly cracked. 🙂 made me think of ya!

She also had a show on the bahamas:

just played a show in the bahamas!!! whoop woo! now off to sleepy bye for another exciiiting day tomorrow 😉


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