The “Last Song” guy will be…

…the australian actor Liam Hemsworth! He will play Miley Cyrus’ love interest in the movie according to Hollywood Reporter. They already met. The plot revolves around rebellious teenager (Miley) who must spend the summer with her estranged father, while Liam is a local beach volleyball-playing cool kid with Ivy League dreams. The studio has set a start date of June 15.




  1. Reallytho? Said:

    Not him. This guy in the photo is charlie hunnam.

  2. Yeah agree it is charlie Hunnam

  3. Gossip Gay Said:

    This guy is charlie Hunnam not Liam…

    • Anonymous Said:

      def charlie hunnum.

  4. Ray Ray Said:

    WTF thats charlie hunnam not liam ..this is the dude thats in Sons Of Anarchy

  5. Elizsa Said:

    what about doing some research the next time? it’s charlie hunnam, not liam.

  6. bickyy Said:

    it’s not liam it’s charlie hunnam, the fame actor of the hot rider series “sons of anarchy”!! bad very very bad

  7. shelby Said:

    yep thats charlie back when he looked good not like now 😛

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