Jonas Brothers: £15.000 London Hotel

splash-thumb-437x586The Jonas Brothers featured in UK Daily Star on how they spent £15,000 for London Hotel accommodations:

“The Jonas Brothers’ morals were as loose as their wallets. The purity-ring sporting siblings have racked up a whopping £15,000 bill on sleeping arrangements during their three day stay in London. The impossibly wholesome trio enjoyed the life of luxury at the SoHo Hotel splurging wonga on individually-designed rooms at the five star abode. Another £3,500 went on two deluxe rooms which they transformed into an office and interview suite. The American heart throbs, who don’t believe in sex before marriage, were given boudoirs with flat screen TVs, DVD players and monster walk-in showers. An insider said, ‘The lads are brilliant guests. They’re extremely polite and very generous. giving huge tips to staff.”

The biblical boyband Kevin, 21, Joe, 19 and Nick, 16 were in London for last night’s UK premiere of movie, Jonas Brothers:

“The 3D Concert Experience. After dining at celeb haunt Nobu Berkeley, Sporting matching curly hairdos and identical cheesy grins, the straight-laced lads headed straight back to their hotel. These non drinking, non smoking, non swearing pop stars intrigue us.. do they ever have fun?”


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