Aly&AJ at the “T-Mobile Sidekick LX”

Pop sisters Aly & AJ Michalka hit up to the “T-Mobile Sidekick LX” launch event at Paramount Studios on Thursday. From Amanda:

“I went to Sushi Mac on 3rd Street in Los Angeles with my boyfriend. Once we got seated I looked to my left and saw a blond sitting at at the next table that looked super familiar. About 20 minutes later I realized it was Aly Michalka from Aly & AJ. They were all super loud and they had the restaurant sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to a girl she was with named Sarah and it wasn’t even her birthday they were laughing so hard. Sarah & her boyfriend were like making out at the restaurant.”

From another fan:

“My roommate is a bartender @ Sushi-Mac in good ol’ LA.  She told me on Tuesday night Aly was in there and said the whole group kept ordering Washington Apples. They all were screaming ‘Happy Birthday’ to a girl named Sarah.”


Aly also did an interview with “Bop&Tiger Beat”:


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  1. Pedro Blond Said:

    Aly and AJ are showing off their talent by covering pop favorites and winning audiences done their super sweet demeanors. Pedro Blond

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