Selena Gomez: SO Many Fans

Selena Gomez had some fan meetings in Vancover again. From Joelle:

“While shopping on Robson, I met Victoria Justice as she was coming out of a small jewelry store with her costar, Avan? She agreed to speak to my 12 year old sister on my cell phone, which was really nice of her to do! Next, I met Dakota Fanning. She was leaving her hotel with her mom and stopped outside the hotel to sign gaphs and take pictures with a bunch of people. Later on that night, I met Selena Gomez. We met her just as she was about to go up in an elevator, but she stopped and agreed to take pictures with us!”

From M.:

My friend met Selena on Sunday afternoon. She was shopping in downtown Van City with her Mom (Awe how sweet for Mother’s Day) She said Selena was really nice. I cropped the picture, she looks gorgeous as usual.”


You can see her cousin Brandon in the background đŸ™‚

Extremely lucky fans meeting her on the Vancouver set of “Ramona and Beezus”. Selena and costar Joey King had a Sunday Girls’ Night “equipped with chick flicks, facials and doing each others hair.”


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  1. Amanda Said:

    luuckky youu !

    you got to meet Selena Gomez .
    i wish i got to lol.

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