Jonas Brothers: Fashion Line

The Jonas Brothers spilled to “Popstar!” details about their upcoming fashion line!

[Clothing line details are still being worked out!] Joe:

“We could make a clothing line, like this is what the Jonas Brothers would like to see a girl wearing, or, you know, like maybe you could help your boyfriend wear this! Things like that!’ Designing clothes is something we’ve always had a heart for. Clothing is something that goes along with music. That’s the first thing you see, before you hear out music, most people see what we’re wearing on a red carpet event or something like that. So for us, we’ve always thought it would be cool to esign clothes. We’re not going in there saying, ‘Hey, we’re the next Marc Jacobs,’ because every celebrity kind of ends up doing their own clothing line. I think we all have our individual things we’d like to design more. Personally, I love sunglasses o, like design sunglasses and some type of eally cool shoes.

What would Nick design? He giggled:

“Ties for me. They call me Mr. President so it suits the them.”

Fashion forward Kevin had nothing to say on the topic.


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