Jackson Rathbone gets a Tattoo


The official “100 Monkey” Facebook Page uploaded a picture of Jackson getting a tattoo.



  1. kirby Said:

    he is fine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and hot

  2. Jen Said:

    He is mine!!!!

  3. Anonymous Said:

    i love him

  4. janee Said:

    that is so my man with his sexy self i love him

  5. Mallory Said:

    He is so hott!
    What’d he get anyway?

  6. alexa Said:

    Jackson Rathbone is mine. i bet none of you can even name one of his bands songs ……what is his tattoo anyway

    • Jess Said:

      Wanna bet? I will name two ” Scientists, and Jello”. I bet you couldnt even tell me his full name? Or wether they digitally fix their songs or not. Let’s see shall i keep going?

      • alexa Said:

        his name is monroe jackson rathbone and apparently you are incapable of spelling because you spelt multiple errors in your comment….shall i keep going

        bring it on

    • BlueB00 Said:

      i know some songs they are, Eardrums (Jackson danced to that one),ugly girl,smoke,Jello,That’s What She Said,Keep Awake and Orson Brawl. I even know what college (or school) or he went too and know where he was born at and watched every single movie of his.

  7. julia Said:

    all of you better stay away from my cousins b.f. so yah stay away.

  8. tori Said:

    he is so mine and soooo sexy keep ur hands off

  9. julia Said:

    well tori you have to stay away from jackson and yes he is sexy

  10. Sherita Jane Said:

    Jello, Smoke, Ugly Girl…LOVE 100 MONKEYS

  11. Chloe Said:

    EEEEEK! He’s so smexy!

  12. Jess Said:

    Lets see, here is a challenge for everyone! Who ever can name the most movies and shows Jackson has played in and the name of the characters he played, without looking it up! Will get to call him theirs even though he doesnt actually belong to anyone. I will put a list on here in about a week, good luck!

  13. alexa Said:

    well jess i do actually know his real name it’s monroe jackson rathbone and by the way you have about 10 spelling errors in your comment ….he only likes intelligent girls

    • L.R Said:

      Alexa, how can you comment on grammatical errors when you’ve made your own? There is such thing as a full stop. Oh and capital letters aswell.
      So it would be ‘I’ and ‘Monroe Jackson Rathbone’.
      Grow up will you.

      • alexa Said:

        fuck you bitch. Im tired of you….get a LlFE. i fucking skipped a grade, and am in gifted math and physics at my high school…leave me alone you can have him i don”t even find him hot anymore!!!

      • BlueB00 Said:

        @ Alexa, she’s right and you did make Grammar mistakes of your own. Quit telling people to stop making Grammar mistakes when you do it. And I don’t care what you say either, I got my Bachelor’s Degree and I’m already working up to my Master’s Degree. And I got all A’s when I was in grade school. And remember you said Jackson likes Intelligent girls? Whatever you do, Just shut up about saying all these words that you’re Intelligent when you’re really not.

  14. Stacey Said:

    How can you claim him? Have you met him, talked to him? He’s a person, not an object. Yes, he’s gorgeous and talented, but don’t you think it’s a bit juvenile how you’re all fighting over him like a pack of dogs over a ham bone?

  15. mimi Said:

    wow u girls r mean. but dnt evan try do challange me cuz ill go all knight if i hav 2. lol but dnt get me wrong the guy is hot but really dnt try k and jackson rathbone ur soooo cute.

  16. Stella Said:


  17. saffron Said:

    ha you lot are wel funyy. and yes i have met and spoke to him it was at the premier he is ssssoooooooooooooo mine and fineeeeeeeee

  18. Kate Said:

    I love Jackson!!!!!!!

  19. jennae Said:

    hey jackson rathbone it is jennae but you can calle me edward if you like to that will be okay with me are you that person in the movie twilight
    new moon you play jasper hale right your friend jennae.

  20. Mindy Said:

    Go, Jackson! I doubt I’d ever get a tattoo. The thought of it kind of freaks me out.

  21. Tonya Said:

    Umm the guy in that picture isn’t Jackson Rathbone. If you look closely the guy’s face is too short and his nose is too wide and flate.

    • BlueB00 Said:

      It might’ve been him when he was young. Cause’ he looked kinda like that when he was young.

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