Taylor Swift: Paul O’Grady Show

Taylor Swift performs Teardrops on my guitar at the Paul O’Grady Show. She also did an interview.

She also posted a new vidoe at her myspace/youtube:

And – is the new JB song Paranoid about Taylor Swift ? Rolling Stone magazine thinks so:

“Jonas Brothers seem to have struck back, against Taylor Swift’s ‘Forever & Always’ in the first single Paranoid. While it’s a far, far, far cry from the Black Sabbath song of the same name, it does edge into slightly harder territory than than the sugary power pop of last year’s A Little Bit Longer. On the synth-heavy tune, Joe Jonas is ‘caught in a nightmare/ can’t wake up.’ But for those reading for, say, teen turmoil, this passage may set off alarms: ‘That’s why my ex is still my ex/I never trust a word she says/ I’m running all the background checks/ And she’s freaking out.”

Nick said:

“This new album for us I wouldn’t say it’s a big jump, but it definitely is a progression in our music and a growth for us. Joe: ‘It has a lot of more kind of horns and a lot more strings. Also there’s more to the music rather than just a typical kind of relationship song.”


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