Selena Gomez is Gal Friday Gorgeous

Selena Gomez channels her inner “Gal Friday” in this new shoot from Vancouver last week.The 16-year-old actress, who is on location to shoot her new flick, Ramona and Beezus, has recently been linked to New Moon’s Taylor Lautner. The duo was seen walking back to their hotels in the rain after a dinner date earlier in the week.




  1. Shahin Khan Said:

    Hey what’s up dude? wanna join me? come fly with me.

    • alez xandra Said:

      y not

  2. Anonymous Said:

    these all r very nice but she is not looking so goo

    • alez xandra Said:

      there are

      • alez xandra Said:

        you dont know she is the best

  3. alez xandra Said:

    lovely girl in the world,beauty girl in the world,========is SELENA GOMEZ…………i love you………………………………im a girl….soon you can see me on disney channel with name alex xandra

    • alez xandra Said:

      oh by mistake i put my name alez instead of alex..

  4. be like me! Said:

    why are we going to see you on Disney channel????

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