Kellan Lutz: Access Hollywood

Access Hollywood recently spoke to Twilight’s Kellan Lutz about filming in Italy, staying in Robert Pattinson’s room, and the controversy surrounding Eclipse director David Slade’s comments.

Lutz, most famous for his role as large-but-loveable vampire Emmett Cullen, pleaded ignorance to any knowledge of Slade’s negative comments, but did say that he still thinks he’ll bring a “great vision” to the movie.

When asked about filming the Volterra scenes in Italy, Lutz said, “I’m going there and I’m going to crash in Rob’s room and make fun of him, ’cause I’m going to do a lot of sightseeing while he’s shooting.” At the mention of Pattinson’s hotel room, thousands of Twilighters undoubtedly made plans to find, and camp outside, the room in question. We just hope Italy has good security … and a large barricade or two.

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