Aaron Johnson in “Nylon” Magazine


The british actor Aaron Johnson is on the cover af the “Nylon” magazine!

According to daily mail Aaron will play a part in the upcoming movie chatroom the whole article: 

The dark side of the internet is coming to the big screen with an array of future film stars. A suicidal teen logs on to a web chatroom and the initial, innocent chatter about Harry Potter and potty pop stars gives way to the story’s narrator, Jim, being lured into a nasty, spiteful power game controlled by other adolescents he can’t see. The film started life as a play by Enda Walsh and it was presented at the National Theatre.Now the playwright, who also wrote Steve McQueen’s searing movie Hunger, has adapted it for the cinema.The film starts shooting soon and the film’s producers, Ruby Films and Film 4, came up with a clever way of getting away from the usual, dull teen movie fare by hiring Hideo Nakata, director of the Japanese Ring horror pictures, to make Chatroom.Nakata noted in an interview online recently: ‘It deals with a very dark reality, especially how young people’s negative feelings of anxiety, hatred and anger can become amplified.’ He noted that a depressed boy can become even more depressed through certain kinds of internet communication. Anyway, the cast he has assembled for Chatroom is anything but depressing. In fact, there are some exciting, fast-rising names on his list. The actors who have been signed up include Aaron Johnson, who is working with Sam Taylor Wood on Nowhere Boy and on Matthew Vaughn’s Kick Ass; and Matthew Beard, the clever, understated actor who was in When Did You Last See Your Father? and who gives a small, gem of a performance in An Education. I’m looking forward to seeing how Hannah Murray moves from the small screen, where she played the delicate Cassie in Skins, to a larger playground in Chatroom. Likewise for fellow Skins alumni Daniel Kaluuya.Imogen Poots, who was in 28 Days Later and the forthcoming Me And Orson Welles (it features Zac Efron and Christian McKay as Welles) will also be in the film, which will officially be announced at the Cannes Film Festival in two weeks.British movies have many parents and Chatroom is no exception. Besides executives from Ruby Films and Film 4 there was a lot of development help from the UK Film Council, and the New Cinema Fund, from the Lottery, provided £700,000 towards the budget.

When the play was staged at the National, actors sat on a bare stage and didn’t interact. Of course they wouldn’t, because they’re online! However, Walsh has opened up his play so people meet other people. Otherwise two hours of scenes moving from one bloke looking at a screen to another bloke looking at a screen would be pretty dull.However, there’s a lot of excitement surrounding Walsh’s screenplay, which is why the producers were able to nab such a good cast.



  1. Stephanie Said:

    omg…i cannot w8 4 this…aaron johnson is such a phittie…he is an AMAZING actor…looking forward 2 2010!!!


    • Rosia Hookway Said:

      i love him when he’s shirtless

  2. Anonymous Said:


  3. Lindsay Said:

    I will watch any movie this boy is in 🙂
    He’s good looking.



  5. Anonymous Said:

    i love him so much he is so fit

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