Miley Cyrus’ Dating Lessons

Miley´s preaching dating lessons to her friends: Billy Ray Cyrus and wife Tish struggle to keep mega-star Miley Cyrus’ image squeaky-clean, but lately they’re getting a blistering earful from parents of Miley’s teen gal pals, who charge that their brat’s telling their kids they should start cranking their love lives into high gear, bragging that at age 16, she already romancing grown-up Justin Gaston, 20.Worse, the parents complain, Miley’s flat-out advising the wide-eyed girls that they’d better find themselves a guy, or they’re gonna be left by the side of the road, and they’d better be ready when it’s time to go all the way, reveals a family friend. That sure ain’t music to the ears of parents of Miley’s girl posse, many of whom aren’t in show business.’Said the friend: “Billy Ray and Tish keep fielding calls from parents who ask: ‘Do you know what kind of stuff your daughter is feeding our girl?’ They’re worried because Miley’s pals admire her so much, they’ll take anything she says as gospel.”


Billy Ray Cyrus doesn’t permit his daughter to dump her bf justin gaston. He said:“behaving immaturely and that she’ll regret dumping Justin.” However, Justin was said refusing his good deed, as the source says, “Lately he’s been spending more nights at his apartment.”and miley wants to end ehr romance with Justin “Miley thinks her career is at a tipping point, where she’s transitioning from kid stuff to more mature movies and music, and she doesn’t want to be tied down with Justin. She has a nagging feeling that Justin is trying to ride her coattails to success and she resents that,” the source continues. “It’s finally dawning on her that she’s young, rich and famous – and she can have any guy she’s interested in.”and there were the rumours that miley has a crush on Gregg. “Miley thinks Gregg is just awesome. She’s taking it one step at a time but they both would love to make a proper go of it,” a source told Daily Star. “The thing with Justin wasn’t that serious – but with Gregg it could be for keeps.”



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