Demi Lovato: Music Updates!

Demi Lovato had an interview with Buzznet:

How are you preparing for her upcoming tour? “I’m not really doing anything. I stay in pretty good shape.  I don’t work out. I’ve been practicing a lot with my voice and taking voice lessons.”

Why does John Mayer inspires you?He inspired a lot of the album just because he is an incredible musician.”

Are there any songs you´d like to perform with him? “EVERY SINGLE ONE! Oh my gosh. I think he’s one of the greatest musicians ever!  Definitely of our time, but ever!”

What do you think of William Beckett of The Academy Is?I met him at a concert because I am a huge fan of his. He’s incredible! We kinda stayed in touch and talked about writing music and it just kind of happened and it was awesome! We wrote a song together that was pretty emotional for me to write.  Its about my past, and, you know, things you go through when you’re growing up. The title is ´For the Love of a Daughter´.”

What can you say about your upcoming album? “I’m enjoying life right now so a lot of my music is a lot more uplifting.  I mean there is your occasional 1 or 2 songs about a jerk, but…”

She wrote on twitter:  Sometimes you feel selfish for not wanting to release a song just because it’s so personal, but then you realize you have the opportunity to inspire someone with your music.. then you can’t bottle it up anymore because that’s what music is all about.. inspiring people with your story. Recording a song that is killing me emotionally to sing.. but it needs to be done.



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