Miley Cyrus: Bloopers

Miley Cyrus told TOTP about her embrrassing moments at the set of “Hannah Montana: The Movie”:

‘The most embarrassing thing to happen on set was when I busted my face. I tripped over a wire that was in the grass and totally busted it. I was having the worst day, when I went in my trailer, I fractured my ankle falling up the stairs.
My mom was like, ‘I don’t know how anybody falls up the stairs and breaks their ankle.’
Despite behing, Miley didn’t take any time off to rest: ‘I just had my ankle in a little cast thing and we kept going. I really took care of myself for a week though, and then I felt alright.’


Some more twitter updates from Miley:

in response to some @replies 1. yes im obsessed with lennon 2. i will be performing in the uk in december and 3. idk when my next album will be released. i haven’t started working on it yet. im just focusing on some film work and writing when im inspired. 🙂

my hair is having some seriouuusss issues! idk what to do! grr! i think im gonna go back dark. i dont wanna dye it black just like a dark brown. my natural

And is noone romantic to her?

listening to the beatles and feeling inspired to write a song 🙂 i want someone to write a song like “woman” by john lennon for me 🙂 that is sooo romantic


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